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Does Copyright Protection Extend Beyond Original Works in an AI World?

We are living in a pre-“Matrix” world1 – the version before the super-powerful computer programs in the machine world take over, leaving the humans to live in a simulated reality. Artificial intelligence2 has already taken over the zeitgeist and soon your entire life. At its core, AI, and its progeny generative AI,3 bring the allure of efficiency.4 Need to write a … Continued

New York State Bar Association Warns That AI Must Not Compromise Attorney-Client Privilege

The New York State Bar Association is advising lawyers to ensure that artificial Intelligence does not put attorney-client privilege at risk at a time of increasing security concerns about confidential information being disclosed by the technology. The report from the association’s Task Force on Artificial Intelligence, which was approved by its governing body, the House … Continued

Report of President Richard Lewis to the House of Delegates of the New York State Bar Association – April 6, 2024

Dear Colleagues: During my term, we have taken significant steps toward addressing the practical concerns of our members and our profession. It has been a collaborative effort made possible by the unmatched professionalism and dedication of my colleagues, many of whom are here today, and for that, I thank you. Our primary objective has been … Continued

Judges, Gag Orders and Free Speech: Where Are the Boundaries?

To the Forum: I am an attorney defending my client in a bench trial against allegations of fraud. My client is a well-known public figure, so the case has been closely monitored by the media. My client has been very vocal about his concerns that the judge and his staff are biased against him. And I … Continued

Tackling Today’s Volatile Issues – and Why It’s Worth It

When I first began my presidential tenure, I viewed it as an opportunity to address practical issues that are a priority to attorneys and the profession itself. I recognized that I had an ambitious agenda. That has proven to be prophetic as the past 10 months have flown by. The Association’s leadership team and I … Continued