Author: Jennifer Andrus

Understanding New York’s New Gun and Permit Regulations

The New York State Bar Association held a webinar this month to break down the new  law on the possession of firearms, which went passed in July. “New York’s Red Flag & Conceal Carry Law Changes: Practical Overview of Processes/ Proceedings” was sponsored by the NYSBA Criminal Justice Section, Committee on Children and the Law … Continued

NYSBA President Honors 25 New Americans at Naturalization Ceremony  

New York State Bar Association president Sherry Levin Wallach was honored to address 25 new citizens during a naturalization ceremony Friday Sept. 16 in Dutchess County. With Dutchess County Supreme Court Justice Christi J. Acker presiding, Dutchess County Clerk Brad Kendall gave the oath of citizenship to the new Americans who came from 19 different … Continued

Membership That Matters: New York State Bar Insurance Program

The New York State Bar Insurance program offers members access to insurance solutions specially designed for NY attorneys. NYSBA membership now gives you access to a suite of insurance products and financial solutions to fit the various aspects of your life and career. These insurance benefits are available only to New York State Bar Association … Continued

Two Capital Region Lawyers Honored for Excellence in Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare by New York State Bar Association

The New York State Bar Association honored two Capital Region legal champions with the Howard A. Levine Award for Excellence in Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare — Justice Elizabeth A. Garry, presiding justice of the New York State Appellate Division, Third Department, and Rensselaer County child advocate Douglas Broda. The award recognizes vital work undertaken … Continued

Great Dissents: ‘Matters of High Principle’ at the Court of Appeals

Some of the greatest opinions in Supreme Court history are dissents.[1] To be sure, Justice John Marshall Harlan’s lone dissenting opinion in Plessy v. Ferguson would be included in any “greatest” list. Protesting the majority’s separate-but-equal doctrine, Harlan insisted that “[o]ur Constitution is color-blind and neither knows nor tolerates classes among citizens.” As every law … Continued

New York State Bar Association Task Force To Examine Emerging Digital Currencies, Association Participation in the Digital Space

The New York State Bar Association has launched a task force to make recommendations on how New York should regulate virtual currencies and digital assets and advise the association what the new technology can do for its operations. “The rapid growth of the metaverse/Web3 and the digital economy present a confluence of issues for lawyers,” … Continued

Miranda Warnings Hosts Debate on NYS Court of Appeals Selection Process and Looks Ahead to November Election

Miranda Warnings is back in the studio for a new edgy podcast debating all things courts and politics in New York State. Host David Miranda, past president and general counsel of the New York State Bar Association, referees the verbal jabs between Albany Law professor Vin Bonventre and veteran political reporter and strategist Liz Benjamin. … Continued

Leading the Way for Lawyers on Crypto

In financial circles, summer 2022 will go down in history as the summer of the crypto crash – a moment of reckoning for a once high-flying industry when a toxic combination of overheated growth, speculation and risk resulted in crippling losses for thousands of investors. Crypto naysayers are engaged in a series of “I told … Continued