Author: Jennifer

New York State Bar Association Leaders Take on Capitol Hill

Leaders of the New York State Bar Association took to Capitol Hill this month to meet with members of the New York delegation. The lobbying effort coincided with the American Bar Association’s Lobby Day on the Hill. The NYSBA delegation  — led by President Richard Lewis — discussed several issues and legislative priorities with eight … Continued

Does Copyright Protection Extend Beyond Original Works in an AI World?

We are living in a pre-“Matrix” world1 – the version before the super-powerful computer programs in the machine world take over, leaving the humans to live in a simulated reality. Artificial intelligence2 has already taken over the zeitgeist and soon your entire life. At its core, AI, and its progeny generative AI,3 bring the allure of efficiency.4 Need to write a … Continued

Judges, Gag Orders and Free Speech: Where Are the Boundaries?

To the Forum: I am an attorney defending my client in a bench trial against allegations of fraud. My client is a well-known public figure, so the case has been closely monitored by the media. My client has been very vocal about his concerns that the judge and his staff are biased against him. And I … Continued

Where Do We Go From Here? Dispute Resolution DEI Initiatives After the Students for Fair Admissions Decision

In recent years, dispute resolution service providers, professional associations and court-annexed ADR programs have launched initiatives to increase diversity, equity and inclusion among dispute resolution practitioners. These programs seek to recruit, train and support members of historically underrepresented communities in the mediation and arbitration fields and provide them with the necessary training and experience to … Continued