Author: Jennifer Andrus

Navigating the Ethical and Technical Challenges of ChatGPT

Since its release in Nov. 2022, many people have been impressed by ChatGPT’s ability to understand context, generate fast responses and have a human-like conversational tone. The potential applications for ChatGPT in the legal industry are varied. As technology continues to develop, it is inevitable that this kind of technology will be incorporated into the … Continued

Sometimes It Takes Two, Other Times It Takes Three: Parentage Proceedings Under the Child-Parent Security Act

First introduced in 2012, the Legislature passed the Child-Parent Security Act into law on April 3, 2020.[i] This act, for the first time, legalized gestational surrogacy agreements in New York in which the surrogate has not contributed genetic material. Further, it delineated procedures for establishing parentage for children conceived either as a result of such agreements … Continued

Practical Uses of the Metaverse: What is a POAP? 

A POAP (POE’-app) is an acronym for a proof of attendance protocol. It’s a digital souvenir offered to commemorate special events, conferences, or other meetings. The New York State Bar Association offered this POAP to those who attended the “Deep Dive Into the Metaverse and Web3″ event at NYU last month. The technology looks like … Continued

Remote Mediations and Unwanted Guests

The federal government has officially ended the COVID-19 emergency, but remote mediation remains. The practical benefits of remote mediation for both attorneys and their clients are obvious. On the other hand, the relaxed formality of remote mediations has created unexpected problems, including the appearance of uninvited guests, who can wreak havoc and endanger a productive … Continued