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Foundation Evidence, Questions And Courtroom Protocols, Fifth Edition

Foundation Evidence, Questions And Courtroom Protocols, Fifth Edition

Foundation Evidence Questions and Courtroom Protocols
  • Hon. Edward M. Davidowitz; Robert L. Dreher, Esq.

Key Benefits:

• Access hundreds of questions and checklists to introduce your evidence properly

• Be prepared with proper questions and authority for a particular method of questioning

• Know the proper methods for establishing a chain of custody for introducing physical evidence and for introducing evidence to impeach witnesses

• Learn principles of courtroom procedure, behavior and decorum

Product Description:

Foundation Evidence, Questions and Courtroom Protocols has long been the go-to book to help attorneys prepare the appropriate foundation testimony for the introduction of evidence and examination of witnesses. This edition has been completely reorganized to better follow the process of a trial and the sections on Direct, Re-direct and Cross Examination have been greatly expanded, adding more sample questions and examples from the cross-examination of Hermann Goering.

Written by Hon. Edward M. Davidowitz and Robert L. Dreher, Executive Assistant District Attorney and Chief Trial Counsel at the Bronx District Attorney's Office, this edition of Foundation Evidence is an indispensable addition to your trial library.

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Published Date:
  • November 17, 2014
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  • 41074
  • 9781579694128
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  • 344 pages