Madison Scarfaro

By Amanda Logue

May 6, 2024

Madison Scarfaro


By Amanda Logue

Madison ScarfaroName: Madison Scarfaro
Hometown: Whitehall, Pennsylvania
Law School: Touro University Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center
Graduation Year: 2024

What inspired you to go to law school?

I always knew that I wanted to go to law school. However, before attending, there were several experiences that I had that strengthened my desire to go to law school. In college, I took a class with 12 students from my school and 12 students who were incarcerated at a local prison. We would go to the prison once a week and meet with those who were incarcerated. It was truly a one-of-a-kind experience that taught me so much about our criminal justice system. After college, I worked with a survivors advocacy campaign, which also encouraged me to attend law school. I’ve always had a passion to help and advocate for those who need it first, so I think that was the driving factor.

What area of the law interests you and why?

I am extremely interested in both criminal law and sports/entertainment law. I have also had an interest in our criminal justice system and learning about why it works the way that it does, as well as thinking about the changes that need to be made in order to better benefit our communities. I am currently interning as a Pro Bono Scholar with the Federal Defenders of New York (Eastern District) and love the work that we do and how we advocate for our clients. I am interested in sports/entertainment law because I was an athlete myself and have friends who are as well. I had an internship with Roc Nation’s Sports Legal Department as well as an internship with Warner Music Group’s Corporate Legal Department, both of which were incredible opportunities that taught me so much about those areas of the law.

What extracurriculars are you involved in and how have they impacted your experience?

Moving to Long Island from Pennsylvania, I tried to get involved at my school (and outside of school) as much as possible. These opportunities have helped me build a community on Long Island, as well as network with others around me. I have met so many incredible people through these extracurriculars, as well as mentors who have helped me throughout my law school career. I am involved at school as: President of Women’s Bar Association, (past) Business Editor of Touro Law Review, Vice President of Sports & Entertainment Law, Vice President of the Public Interest Law Organization, Student Liaison for the Suffolk County Women in the Courts Committee, and Student Member of the Theodore Roosevelt Inn of Court. Throughout law school, I also did pro bono work with Breaking Barriers where I assisted individuals with re-entry after incarceration. I also volunteer with New Hour for Women and Children, where we go into the local jail on a weekly basis and meet with women who are incarcerated to do know your rights trainings and try to get answers to questions they have about their cases. I also volunteer with the Michael Ann & Saquon Barkley Hope Foundation. Additionally, I am working on starting Long Island’s first Human Trafficking Awareness Week alongside various organizations across Long Island.

What do you hope to achieve after you graduate?

After I graduate, I hope to continue the success that I have achieved throughout law school – but in a different way. I hope to represent my clients to the best of my ability and always strive to accomplish the goals that they have in mind. I want to continue to do pro bono work for those in our communities, and be the best advocate I can be for those that I am representing. I also hope to serve as a mentor for those who attend law school after me, or others who are in the legal field.

What advice would you give to your fellow law students?

The advice that I would give to fellow law students is to get involved! There is no downside to being involved and getting as much experience as you can throughout your law school career. This is the time to explore and see what you like (or don’t like)! Join organizations, run for e-boards, do internships and externships in all different areas of law. Also – remember to take time for yourself! Law school is crazy and stressful and it is so important to remember to make time for yourself.

Why should other law students join NYSBA?

Other law students should join NYSBA because there are so many incredible opportunities that come out of being a member. The various events that are hosted, groups that you can join, and mentors that are also members. There are attorneys and law students who are members of the NYSBA that could have similar interests as you, and those are the people that you want to connect with! The events that NSYBA hosts are incredible opportunities to learn, meet people, network, and build connections.

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