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Attorney Professionalism Forum

Attorney Professionalism Forum

  • Vincent J. Syracuse, Esq. with Alyssa C. Goldrich, Esq. , Maryann C. Stallone, Esq., Carl F. Regelmann, Esq., their Colleagues, and Members of the NYSBA Committee on Attorney Professionalism

Attorney professionalism requires poise, honesty, maturity, and reasoned judgment and embodies a heightened sense of responsibility and fair play, as well as a respect for others, even when zealously advocating on behalf of the client. Members of the New York State Bar Association have come to rely upon the advice offered in the Attorney Professionalism Forum, included in each issue of the NYSBA JournalThe Forum identifies the ethical issues faced by members of the legal profession as they interact with judges, lawyers, clients and the public. It answers thought-provoking questions by blending analysis of applicable law and the Rules of Professional Conduct with practical guidance on how to best act as a professional.


This title is a compendium of Forums published in the Journal between January 2012 and December 2020. Topics addressed range from proper dress and decorum in the courtroom, civility, the use of the internet and social media, difficult clients, judges and adversaries, diversity, escrow accounts and engagement letters, the use of cryptocurrency for the payment of legal fees, and the challenges of virtual practice. For law professionals who pursue excellence in attorney professionalism, civility, and ethics, this resource is indispensable. 

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  • August 4, 2021
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