Rebekah Carson

By Lynn Kodjoe

August 21, 2023

Rebekah Carson


By Lynn Kodjoe

Rebekah CarsonName: Rebekah Carson
Ravena, New York
Law School:
Albany Law School
Graduation Year:
December 2023

What inspired you to go to law school?

While growing up I witnessed a chapter seven bankruptcy, a divorce, and custody litigation. I was judicially emancipated in Washington state at seventeen years old. I have never wanted those experiences to define me, and I wanted to inspire others through legal practice. No matter what situation someone is in, I want to be able to embolden them.

What area of the law interests you and why?

I want to practice Family Law, Matrimonial Law, and Trust and Estate Law. All of these practice areas involve a high emotional legal issue that involve different family dynamics. I feel as if my prior experiences lend themselves well to understand these types of issues.

What extracurriculars are you involved in and how have they impacted your experience?

I am on the Government Law Review Journal at Albany Law School, and I was the Event Coordinator for the Women’s Law Caucus. Additionally, I am a fellow of the Women’s Leadership Initiative. All of these extracurriculars have allowed me to further my interests in the legal field.

What do you hope to achieve after you graduate?

I hope to continue learning and practicing my legal interests.

What advice would you give to your fellow law students?

I believe law school is the best time in which to explore your interests. I have not always wanted to practice Family Law, Matrimonial Law, and Trust and Estate Law. However, through my exploration in law school, I have found my passion.

Why should other law students join NYSBA?

I believe that the events I have been a part of and attended through NYSBA has allowed me to explore new connections. Additionally, it has allowed me to explore what networking after law school will look like.

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