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The Legal Writer: Writing It Right

The Legal Writer: Writing It Right

Legal Writer
  • Hon. Gerald Lebovits

Contents at a Glance

He Said/She Said: Gender-Neutral Writing / The Pause That Refreshes: Commas / Not Mere Rhetoric: Metaphors and Similes / The Bottom Line on Footnotes and Endnotes / Apostrophe’s and Plurals’ / You Can Quote Me: Quoting in Legal Writing / Write the Cites Right / Sentences and Paragraphs: A Revision Philosophy / Problem Words and Pairs in Legal Writing / Learning Disabilities and the Legal Writer / Legal-Writing Ethics / Academic Legal Writing: How to Write and Publish / Legal-Writing Myths / You Think You Have Issues? The Art of Framing Issues in Legal Writing / The Department of Redundancy Department: Concision and Succinctness / Plain English: Eschew Legalese / Persuasive Writing for Lawyers / Cracking the Code to Writing Legal Arguments: From IRAC to CRARC to Combinations in Between / More…

Product Description

Product Number: 4134/4134E

The Legal Writer column first appeared in the July–August 2001 issue of the New York State Bar Association Journal. The column, now in its 16th year of publication in the Journal, offers practical, real-world legal-writing suggestions that attorneys, especially New York attorneys, will find useful in all aspects of their professional lives.

This book provides New York attorneys with the legal writing tools they need to succeed by offering practical, real-world legal writing suggestions that apply to all aspects of an attorney's practice.

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  • March 1, 2016
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  • 4134
  • 978157969473X
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  • 590 pages