Tyler Mittleman

By Lynn Kodjoe

May 4, 2023

Tyler Mittleman


By Lynn Kodjoe

Tyler MittlemanName: Tyler Mittleman
Hometown: East Islip, New York
Law School: St. John’s School of Law
Graduation Year: 2023

What inspired you to go to law school?

I was inspired to go to law school by my lifelong quest to learn. Naturally, mathematics and science were not my strong suits, but I enjoyed reading and writing. After completing my undergraduate studies, I wanted to choose a profession that complements my reading, writing, research, and negotiation strengths. After careful consideration, I knew law school was the path for me.

What area of the law interests you and why?

I am interested in practicing commercial real estate law. My experience as a member of the New York State Bar Association, the Real Property Law Section, and the New York Real Property Law Journal allowed me to interact with practical real property issues and work with prominent New York legal scholars.

What extracurriculars are you involved in and how have they impacted your experience?

I am the student Editor-in-Chief for the New York Real Property Law Journal, a publication of the NYSBA’s Real Property Law Section. The Journal promotes the development of the laws of New York Real Property by publishing articles on timely legal issues related to the practice of Real Property law, such as property transactions, leases, zoning, gentrification, cooperatives and condominiums.

This experience, working with Bill Johnson, Matthew Leeds, Bill McCracken and Robert Sein of the Publications Committee, has provided balance in my law school experience. This opportunity diversified my law school experience by allowing me to work towards a tangible goal, a substantively rich publication, with seasoned professionals. The connections I have met at the Annual Meeting and subsequent events have been incredible sources of mentorship and advice.

What do you hope to achieve after you graduate?

After I graduate, I look forward to passing the Bar Exam and practicing at a New York law firm focusing on real estate finance, acquisitions, and dispositions. My experience working with the Real Property Law Section and the Mattone Institute for Real Estate Law has built a solid foundation to achieve such goals.

What advice would you give to your fellow law students?

I advise fellow law students to view law school and their growing careers in the field as a blank canvas. In the beginning, refrain from taking the position that you are interested in one area of law over another, but allow your interest to come from your experiences in a law clinic, internship/externship, or journal experience.

Why should other law students join NYSBA?

Other law students should join NYSBA for two reasons. For law students, first-generation law students specifically, NYSBA provides a solid community with events and programs focused on different areas of practice. I attended various events as a 1L hosted by the Environmental Law Section, Health Law Section and Real Property Law Section. These opportunities allowed me to see how my interests in the environment, public health, and real estate interacted with the legal profession. For second-year law students, NYSBA has a law student assistant program for various section committees. This can be an excellent source of advice and mentorship.

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