Legal Tech That Gives Lawyers Superpowers To Help Unemployed New Yorkers

By Brendan Kennedy

Legal Tech That Gives Lawyers Superpowers To Help Unemployed New Yorkers


In April 2020, the New York State Bar Association launched an unemployment insurance relief website to help New Yorkers secure benefits through the appeal process. Hundreds of lawyers have signed up to provide assistance to those who have had their initial claims denied.

Jack Newton, CEO and co-founder of Clio, the  cloud-based law practice management company, is this week’s guest on the Miranda Warnings podcast, where he discusses how his company is helping NYSBA undertake one of the largest legal aid initiatives in United States history.

The conversation begins with a discussion about how Clio got its start in the legal industry and how companies and law firms that have adopted cloud-based technology can survive and thrive in the midst of this global pandemic.

“I think if there is a moment where we can appreciate the benefits of the cloud,” Newton told show host David Miranda. “It’s in the midst of this pandemic, where the difference between law firms that survive and even thrive will be around cloud-based technology adoption.”

Newton then discusses how lawyers unfairly get a bad rap as technology laggards. In his view, it’s often the products made by the legal tech industry that were overpriced and hard to use that made lawyers hesitant to accept tech changes.

The conversation then turns to the transformation the industry is  going through and how every law firm is having to make the transition to being cloud-based.

They close the conversation talking about how the coupling of Clio’s intake products with another legal tech company, Paladin’s, volunteer lawyer recruitment portal will ensure that New Yorkers who need assistance with denied unemployment claims will be able to exercise their right to counsel free of charge.


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