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Introduction of Exhibits

Introduction of Exhibits

What are exhibits?

Exhibits are anything other than testimony that can be perceived by the senses and presented at the trial or hearing. Exhibits include:

• Real evidence — items you can hold in your hand, such as clothing, weapons, broken shovels etc.

• Demonstrative evidence — evidence that represents or illustrates the real thing such as photos, videos, diagrams, maps, charts

• Records — government or business writings or records, business record exception, hospital records, police reports, payment records

• Writings — evidence other than records that are in writing such as letters, receipts, contracts, promissory notes


What does "laying a proper foundation" mean?

Foundations: Before an exhibit can be offered into evidence in court, a proper foundation must be set forth. We will show the four types of exhibits and how to introduce each properly into evidence.


Moderator: Hon. James G. Clynes, New York County Criminal Court

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