Hispanic Heritage Month

Happy National Hispanic Heritage Month!

September 15th through October 15th is National Hispanic Heritage Month. During this time, we recognize and celebrate the contributions Americans tracing their roots to Spain, Mexico, Central America, South American and the Spanish-speaking nations of the Caribbean have made to American society and culture. This month corresponds with Mexican Independence Day, which is celebrated on September 16, and recognizes the revolution in 1810 that ended Spanish dictatorship. It also recognizes the Independence Day celebrations of the countries that make up the “five republics” of Central America (Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Belize and Costa Rica).”

The objectives of the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion are to promote and advance the full and equal participation of attorneys of color and other diverse attorneys in the New York State Bar Association and in all sectors and at every level of the legal profession through research, education, fostering involvement and leadership development in NYSBA and other professional activities, and to promote knowledge of and respect for the profession in communities that historically have been excluded from the practice of law.

The Committee shall also foster the development of, monitor progress of and report on diversity initiatives of the Association, as well as partner with the Sections to continue to pursue enhanced diversity and inclusion in the Association, including among the leadership of the Association.

In conducting its work, the Committee shall consult with and engage Association leaders, other entities and individuals, including Sections of the New York State Bar Association; the New York State Conference of Bar Leaders; the Committee on Leadership Development; the Committee on Women in the Law; the Committee on Civil Rights; the Committee on Disability Rights; the Committee on LGBT People and the Law; the Law, Youth & Citizenship Program; minority and women’s bar associations; and others with an interest in the Committee’s mission and activities.

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Committee Co-Chairs

Violet E. Samuels

Mirna M. Santiago, Esq.

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Diversity Report Cards

The New York State Bar Association is deeply committed to enhancing diversity at every level of participation within the association and the profession. Every two years, the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion prepares a diversity report card. This report card continues to highlight the need for raising the level of diversity awareness within the profession and increase opportunities for diverse attorneys to serve in Association leadership positions.

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