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Advanced Commercial Mediation_675

Ethics Opinion 1236

Topic: Divorce mediation, limited scope legal services, non-resident lawyers, ghostwriting Digest: A New York lawyer may perform divorce mediation services for New York clients from his office in another state, provided that he makes effective disclosure of the differences in…
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Solos and Small Firm Lawyers Conference_675

Ethics Opinion 1235

Topic: Firm Name; Trade Names; Assumed Names Digest: A law firm may operate under two different assumed names that distinguish separate practice areas of the firm, provided that no particular facts and circumstances would make it false, deceptive, or misleading…
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Ethics Opinion 1234

Topic: Ownership of New York Law Firm by Nonlawyers Digest: A New York lawyer may not be a partner, associate or employee of a law firm in New York or in another jurisdiction that has direct or indirect ownership by…
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Ethics Opinion 1233

Topic: Law firm associates and the phrase “and Associates” in law firm name Digest: A sole practitioner may not refer to associates of other law firms with whom she works as “associates” of her firm and may not include in…
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SEC’s New Advertising Rule_social4

Ethics Opinion 1232

Topic: Attorney advertising Digest: A lawyer who contacts a medical fertility clinic to request to be included on the clinic’s website as a lawyer who practices in the area of assisted reproduction is engaged in attorney advertising, but not solicitation.…
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Ethics Opinion 1231

Topic: Estate-planning lawyer’s financial interest in a company that manages trust assets. Digest: An estate-planning lawyer who has an interest in a nonlegal financial management company that the lawyer hopes to recommend to estate-planning clients as financial manager for the…
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Ethics Opinion 1230

Topic: Firm names; trade names Digest: A law firm may not include on its letterhead the name of deceased attorney who does not stand in a continuing line of succession with the firm. Rules: 7.5(a) & (b); 8.4(c). FACTS: 1.…
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Ethics Opinion 1229

Topic: Lawyer’s Rights and Duties after Death of a Client Digest: A lawyer may not settle a claim for a client after the client has died absent authorization from a duly qualified representative of the decedent. Rules: 1.2(a), 1.16(d) FACTS:…
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Ethics Opinion 1228

Topic: Submitting draft complaint with demand letter Digest: A lawyer who sends a demand letter to a potential civil defendant may include a draft complaint and a statement that the draft complaint will be filed if the matter is not…
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SEC’s New Advertising Rule_social4

Ethics Opinion 1227

Topic: Advertising, solicitation, targeted email to prospective clients Digest: Email communication from out-of-state law firm to a list of specific individuals in New York, seeking clients for future false advertising and products liability class actions, is both an advertisement and…
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