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Law Students

Get Noticed: How NYSBA Student Scholarships, Fellowships, Writing Competitions and Mentorships Can Help You Succeed

From writing competitions and scholarship funding to fellowships and internships with Fortune 500 companies, esteemed organizations and government institutions, NYSBA offers a wide variety of opportunities to help law students build their resume while also developing critical legal skills.
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Ethics Opinion 1229

Topic: Lawyer’s Rights and Duties after Death of a Client Digest: A lawyer may not settle a claim for a client after the client has died absent authorization from a duly qualified representative of the decedent. Rules: 1.2(a), 1.16(d) FACTS:…
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Judge Silver Retires, Vaccination Deadline Nears

Chief Judge Janet DiFiore announced that Deputy Chief Administrative Judge for the New York City Courts, George J. Silver, was retiring from the bench at the end of this month to pursue opportunities in the private sector.
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With All Due Respect, Your Honor, We Don’t Want To Equitably Divide the Family Pets

When a marriage is being dissolved, how do family pets/companion animals fit into New York State’s equitable distribution laws (D.R.L. § 236(B)(5)), which are intended to yield an equitable distribution of jointly held or acquired marital assets (and liabilities) of…
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NYSBA Commends Governor For Signing Less Is More Act

New York State Bar Association President T. Andrew Brown today applauded Gov. Kathy Hochul for signing the Less is More Act - a vitally important piece of reform legislation that will end reincarceration for individuals alleged to have committed technical…
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NYSBA Forges Alliance With Georgian Bar Association

As part of its mission to forge relationships, advance justice and strengthen the legal profession across the world, the New York State Bar Association entered a collaboration with the Georgian Bar Association today. Two representatives from each bar association met…
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NYSBA Task Force To Address Racism, Social Equity and the Law

The New York State Bar Association has launched a comprehensive new task force that will examine how structural racism permeates and influences all aspects of daily life leading to injustice and inequality among New Yorkers.
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Puff Puff Passing Off: Chronic Trademark Issues in the Cannabis Industry

Until federal law is revised to allow provisions for legal cannabis, or the Lanham Act specifically addresses its inconsistencies, the ability to protect trademarks for cannabis is limited.
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President-elect Candidate Statement

Why All Lawyers Should Care About Education

It is important to remember as we get back to educating our citizens this fall that the fate of our education system should matter to everyone, and the dire consequences of a failing system impact us all, including our members…
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Mandating Your Employees Get Vaccinated_675

What Lawyers Need to Know About Vaccine Mandates

There is no question that an employer can mandate vaccinations, but the devil is in the details and there are pitfalls to avoid. Last week, President Biden issued a sweeping vaccine mandate for all federal workers, as well as a…
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NYSBA Publications

NYSBA produces and releases a variety of publications that pertain to case law, procedural developments, practice management, and a host of other topics of interest to legal professionals. Learn more by selecting a publication below, and read the latest issue or browse the archives. Note: Some issues and archives require you to login to the site first to access.


Bar Journal: September-October Edition

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State Bar News: Summer 2021 Edition

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CasePrep Plus

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New York State Law Digest: September 2021 Edition

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