Month: May 1997

Opinion 690

NEW YORK STATE BAR ASSOCIATION Fees, matrimonial matters Committee on Professional Ethics Opinion #690 – 05/13/1997 (10-97) Topic:           Contingent Fees; Domestic Rela-tions Digest:         Lawyer in domestic relations matter or lawyer’s firm may represent client in a tort action against spouse under a con-tingent fee retainer, even if the tort action is tried as part of … Continued

Opinion 689

NEW YORK STATE BAR ASSOCIATION Fees Committee on Professional Ethics  Opinion #689 – 05/12/1997 (58-96) Topic:        Accepting Fees from Petitioner for Representation in Guardian-ship Proceeding in Addition to Court Award. Digest:       Lawyers may accept fees from guardianship petitioner in addition to court award as long as fee is not excessive or contrary to law, court … Continued

Opinion 688

New York State Bar Association Conflict of interest, law school clinic Committee on Professional Ethics Opinion #688 – 05/08/1997 (47-96) Topic:        Conflict of interest; lawyer’s own personal interests; law school clinic Digest:       A supervising attorney at a law school legal clinic may properly represent a clinic client when the opposing counsel is a member of … Continued