Month: June 1997

Opinion 692

New York State Bar Association County legislator, criminal practice, fees, legislature, part-time public Ethics Opinion 692 (06/23/1997) Overrules N.Y. State 431 (1976) Topic: Part-time legislator’s practice in criminal courts in city and county Digest: A part-time city or county legislator may not represent criminal defendants in cases in which the legislator expects to cross examine … Continued

Opinion 691

NEW YORK STATE BAR ASSOCIATION Charities, gifts, referral Committee on Professional Ethics  Opinion #691 – 06/10/1997  (5-97) Topic:         Charitable donation to non-profit organization that refers attorneys to clients Digest:       Attorney may make charitable donation to organization that provides referrals if donation is not compensation for referral. Code:         DR 2-103(B) and (D). QUESTION May an attorney … Continued