Month: January 2013

Ethics Opinion 957

New York State Bar Association Committee on Professional Ethics Opinion 957 (1/14/13) Topic:        Nonprofit organization offering legal services and seeking grants to subsidize the legal services programs Digest:      A lawyer for a bona fide nonprofit organization may furnish legal services to beneficiaries of the organization as part of the organization’s programs as long as the agency … Continued

Ethics Opinion 956

Topic:      Communication with unrepresented party; taking deposition of unrepresented party; deceptive/and/or fraudulent conduct at client’s request.

Ethics Opinion 955

Topic:       Of counsel relationship with out-of-state lawyer; reference on letterhead and website

Ethics Opinion 954

Topic:      Law firm succession planning, fee-sharing, offering services to other lawyers.

Ethics Opinion 953

Topic:       Bar Association soliciting members for contributions and members making such contributions to pay for portraits of retiring but still serving judges, which will hang in the courthouse to honor such judges.