Month: July 2018

The Conscience of the Newsroom | Ken Screven

EPISODE SUMMARY: Ken Screven, the first African-American television reporter and news anchor in Albany, discusses encountering racism as he joined WRGB, his insistence on relating the humanity and heart behind the news and how the art and craft of reporting is succumbing to the demands of the market-driven news cycle.

Law School Reconsidered | with Alicia Ouellette

EPISODE SUMMARY: Alicia Ouellette, dean of Albany Law School, talks with David about how law school curriculum must move in parallel with the changing practice of law, the JD advantage, and how the best predictor of students’ success isn’t their LSATs – it’s their passion and commitment.

All History Is Local

EPISODE SUMMARY: Kathy Baxter, NYSBA’s general counsel, and Victor Cardona, an intellectual property attorney, talk with David about turning 1830s townhouses into modern office space, Albany’s rich history, and where in Albany you might have a chance of seeing a ghost.

Closest to the People: Town and Village Justice Courts

EPISODE SUMMARY: Kathy Suchocki is NYSBA’s senior director of Continuing Legal Education and Law Practice Management. When she isn’t busy with her day job, she takes her seat several times a month on the bench of the Town Justice Court in Halfmoon, NY, to adjudicate a wide range of matters.

The NYS Legislature and the Red Scare of 1920 | Hank Greenberg

EPISODE SUMMARY: Hank Greenberg, a shareholder at Greenberg Traurig and president of the New York State Bar Association, takes the past very seriously. He talks to David about the 1920 New York State Legislature’s refusal to seat five duly elected Socialist party members, the reaction of the organized bar and the lessons it holds for … Continued