2019 Legislative Session Wrap-Up

A.    Bills that passed in the New York State 2019 Legislative Session

The 2019 Legislative session came to a close early on Friday, June 21. In the end, the Legislature passed 935 bills during the 2019 session. At the link below is a report detailing the bills that were passed by both houses of the Legislature. These bills will be sent in batches to the Governor over the summer and into the fall. Once a bill is sent to the Governor, he has 10 days (excluding Sundays) within which to act on the bill.


B.    Current Status of Bills

In addition to the report found at the link above, you can find the current status of a bill by locating the bill number on the list at the following link, which is updated daily:


If you click the bill number on the list at the link above, you can view the bill status and text of the bill. You can also view the bill status, bill text, and sponsor’s memo, by selecting the appropriate options (“Status,” “Text,” and “Sponsors Memo”) adjacent to the “Bill No.” input box at the link below:


C.     Chapter Laws and Vetoes of 2019

In addition, you can view a report on bills that have been passed by the Legislature and acted upon by the Governor at the following link: