Month: February 2019

DiFiore Renews Call for Lawmakers to Restructure NY Court System

The New York Law Journal mentioned the NYSBA’s support of the proposal to consolidate the state’s trial courts into two tiers. (may require subscription) Chief Judge Janet DiFiore renewed her call to amend the state constitution during her State of the Judiciary Address on Tuesday to restructure the state’s trial court system in a way … Continued

Implicit Bias: A Law Enforcement Perspective

Police officers risk their lives just by coming to work. Their duties expose them to the worst aspects of humanity and demand that they take nothing at face value. They are required to make split-second decisions in dangerous situations and trust that their training and instinct lets them see what’s real. The public does not … Continued

LGBT Parentage Under the Ruling in Brooke S.B.

Brooke S.B. is the story of what constitutes a family and of passionate advocacy in the face of seemingly impossible odds. It deeply moved attendees at the Jan. 17 Family Law Section meeting during the New York State Bar Association’s Annual Meeting in New York City. Brett Figlewski, legal director of the LGBT Bar Association of … Continued

David Lat Discusses His Career Arc

EPISODE SUMMARY: David Lat joins David to talk about the founding of his website Above the Law, the change in BigLaw culture through the years, how Bar Associations have evolved, his optimism about law schools and his early career as a Federal Prosecutor working for then U.S. Attorney Chris Christie.

Oscars 2019: Green Book shows Hollywood’s blatant contempt for Italian-Americans

The USA Today quoted Immediate Past President Miller on ethnic slurs regarding anti-Italian stereotypes. (may require subscription) “Green Book” is a symphony of vile anti-Italian stereotypes masquerading as a feel-good family film. Of all the controversies surrounding director Peter Farrelly’s movie, from questions about the script’s veracity to screenwriter Nick Vallelonga’s anti-Muslim tweet to Viggo … Continued

Examining Privacy Concerns with IoT

All the devices in our daily lives know more about us than we realize- where we are, what we eat, even our shopping habits. In fact, everyone is connected to the internet in so many ways that now only five percent of connected devices are personal computers. Known as the ‘internet of things,’ these devices, … Continued

Bar Association, CUNY Law Partner on Groundbreaking Class

Caribbean Life reported on NYSBA’s partnership with CUNY School of Law on a Technology and the Law class. (may require subscription) The New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) says it is partnering with the City University School of Law (CUNY) School of Law in offering what it describes as a “groundbrea­king” Technology and the Law … Continued

Brexit and Data Privacy with Jonathan Armstrong

EPISODE SUMMARY: Jonathan Armstrong joins David to talk about GDPR and how it will affect U.S. companies doing business in the European Union. They also discuss the fallout from data breaches at Facebook and Google and they close by discussing how Brexit could upend the status quo.