Committee on Leadership Development

Learn about leadership opportunities within the New York state bar association

Valued NYSBA Member,

With summer in sight, we hope your vacation plans are taking shape. Time off is crucial to maintain the energy and focus needed for the practice of law and the service you provide to those in need.

During this time, the New York State Bar Association’s Committee on Leadership Development welcomes new members serving on the Association’s House of Delegates and provides informational meetings to help orient new delegates to their roles on the House.

The Association’s service year runs June 1 to May 31. There are several ways you can become a member of the House – through your involvement as a local bar association leader, representing a judicial district, or from your membership in a NYSBA Practice Section.

Start thinking now about finding which path is best to take for becoming a member of the House of Delegate. The Pathways to Leadership brochure prepared by the Committee helps explain the various choices available.  We are also available to answer any questions you may have about the process.

Hon. Helena Heath

Edwina "Winnie" Martin, Esq.

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Pathways to Leadership Brochure

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