Event Overview

Thursday, January 18, 2024

1:00 PM – 6:00 PM — CLE Program

Navigating the New York Green Wave: Understanding New York’s Cannabis Regulations and Empowering Attorneys for Client Success

In this presentation, we will delve deep into the cannabis regulations. We will also explore the latest developments in New York’s cannabis industry, the cannabis litigation landscape, and how attorneys can play a pivotal role in helping their clients establish and flourish in New York’s burgeoning cannabis market.

Key Highlights and Objectives

  • Better understanding of New York cannabis adult use regulations
  • Overview of the landscape of cannabis litigation
  • How to support clients seeking capital and real estate


  • Topic 1: Alcohol and Cannabis Regulation Similarities/Differences
  • Topic 2: Social Equity in Cannabis
  • Topic 3: Capital investments in cannabis, what to be mindful of
  • Topic 4: Current litigation in New York Cannabis
  • Topic 5: What a Difference Crossing the Hudson Makes: A discussion of the New York and New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Schemes
    • Ruth A. Rauls, a partner with Saul Ewing, and Joshua S. Bauchner, a partner with Mandelbaum Barrett, will moderate a panel discussion about the differences and similarities between New York and New Jersey’s adult use programs, including their experience regarding the licensing process across the Hudson. In New Jersey medicinal cannabis has been available for more than a decade and adult-use has recently come online with many new dispensaries opening. However, New York is new to the adult use cannabis game. This panel will focus on the licensing process including the types of licenses permitted, statutory provisions regarding employment issues and the “hiccups” each state has experienced along the way.

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