Antitrust Law Section Business Meeting

Now it’s time for the Antitrust Law Section business meeting. We’re going to hold our meeting here. If you’re not staying for the luncheon, and lunch is on your own, and we will resume here at 1:45, for the Counsel section, we’ll have their luncheon starting now until 1:30 in the Lincoln Room on the Fourth Floor, you’re going to leave. That’ll include your meetings and your meeting with election of officers, and we’ll have lunch there.

Again, Corporate Counsel section is heading up to the Lincoln Room, and the Antitrust section is staying here.

Kaci Palleschi:                   Thank you very much, Mary.

Mark Marks:                     Thank you, panel.

Kaci Palleschi:                   Thank you very much.

Mark Marks:                     For the Antitrust meeting, we’ll have that quickly. Lisl is going to come up. So Antitrust section, if you could stay? Corporate Counsel… Do you want to not do it here? So, folks in the Antitrust Section, if you could just stay? We’re going to have the meeting now. It’ll only take about five or 10 minutes, maybe more. Lisl will come on up. If we’re staying for the meeting, if we could just take a break from the talking for a minute? Thank you.

Okay, so Lisl is going to take the floor now and we’re going to start the meeting. What we have is sufficient right there, so if we just let Lisl get started. Thank you.

Lisl:                                      Do you have the other document?

Mark Marks:                     Thank you, we don’t… Yeah, thank you.

Lisl:                                      Okay Antitrust Section. This is the Annual Meeting of this Section. It’s the only time that we don’t elect Presidents. Unfortunately, Elaine is not here today. She is ill and couldn’t serve directly. She would normally be doing the introduction here, but the important part, from my perspective, is the Nominations Committee.

Now, over the weekend, or Monday, I sent out to the Nominating Committee Report to the Executive Committee, and hopefully everybody in this room has received it, because we do not have copies here. I’m going to very quickly run through the report and get you to vote on the things that you have to vote on.

The first thing there, as you know, the Executive Committee is in two tier classes, and it’s a little bit like Hotel California, nobody ever leaves. We have a list of people who were elected last year and will continue through 2024, so I will not go through those people. We have an even longer list of people who you’ll see now, who were elected two years ago and their term is technically up this year, but we would like to move for their reelection for a two-year term. Do I have a motion to move?

Meeting Mbr 1:                I so move.

Lisl:                                      Thank you. A second?

Meeting Mbr 2:                Second.

Lisl:                                      Anybody oppose? Great. Motion carried. If you were on the Committee until this year, you are reelected.

We also have some new members. We have six people who have been proposed for membership in the Committee. Some of them are here, thank you for coming. I’ll just read their names and then we’ll do a motion to elect them.

So first of all, we have Cliff Bank from Wilson Sonsini. He could not be here today, unfortunately. And Nicole, she is coming to the EC meeting, she’s going to be here, from Winston & Strawn. Taylor Owens, hi Taylor, welcome, from Baker Botts. Richard Powers from Fried Frank, thank you both of you for relocating to the city of New York. You’ll find it’s a much better bar. Liz Pruitt, who I don’t think could make it today, from Latham, and Tee Matthews. She, I think, will be at the lunch.

Interestingly, so many of you are content lawyers, so I hope you get to put a little bit of content programs to use.

So can I have a motion to elect the seven individuals?

Meeting Mbr 4:                I so move.

Lisl:                                      Thank you.

Mark Marks:                     Second.

Lisl:                                      Second. Anybody opposed? Great. And now for the final thing on our agenda, which is the election of officers.

First, I’ll just mention that Greg Asciolla, who is here, was here, I saw him before, was elected in 2022, to a three year term as financial officer, so he continues in office.

The Officers Slate, which everyone is probably very familiar with, Mary Marks, posted today, is being proposed for Chair. Robin van der Meulen, current Secretary, is being proposed for Vice-Chair, Eric Weisgerber, who is currently our Committee Officer, is being proposed for Secretary, and finally, welcome to the leadership, Will Reiss, who is being nominated for Committee Officer.

So can I have a motion?

Meeting Mbr 2:                I so move.

Kaci Palleschi:                   Second.

Lisl:                                      Anybody oppose? So congratulations to all the nominees. And that’s the end of formal part, except for what Mary has to do.

Mark Marks:                     Thank you. So as you’ve all noticed, Elaine is not here, but I do have Elaine’s script. She was going to acknowledge our four law student fellows, who received the Section Diversity Fellowship Awards for the summer of 2022. They are Kelly Capistato at the New York AG, Samuea Ismael at the DOJ, Deb Brusmilik at the FTC, and Jackson Maxwell at the FTC. I don’t think they were able to join us today, but we wanted to recognize their significant achievements, and say that we look forward to seeing more of them as they become in practicing law.

With that, I think I need to move that adjourn for lunch.

Lisl:                                      So moved.

Jerry:                                   Seconded.