Author: Christian

How a Group of Lawyers Came Together for a Year Despite Isolation

A year ago, as the worldwide coronavirus pandemic spread to New York, Libby Coreno, co-chair of NYSBA’s Task Force on Attorney Well-Being, and Dr. Kerry O’Hara, a clinical psychologist, were preparing to launch a five-part NYSBA podcast series to help lawyers with wellness issues. Life had been turned upside down and lawyers were no exception. … Continued

Governor Signs Chapter Amendment as Part of New Power of Attorney Law

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has signed the much-anticipated chapter amendment legislation as part of the new power of attorney law that goes into effect June 13. Cuomo, who signed the chapter amendment bill March 25, negotiated the agreement with lawmakers when signing the original New York State Bar Association-advanced power of attorney bill in December. … Continued

Take the Racial Equity Challenge as Part of Black History Month

As we begin the month of February, America observes Black History Month – a designation made by every U.S. president since Gerald Ford in 1976. During this time, we acknowledge and celebrate the contributions that African Americans have made to American history and their struggles for freedom and equality, and seek to deepen our understanding … Continued

NYSBA Adopts Resolution Urging Congress To Ensure Independence of Immigration Courts

During its House of Delegates meeting today, the New York State Bar Association adopted a resolution urging Congress to establish an independent immigration court system that protects immigration adjudication from political pressure. Currently, the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), comprised of immigration courts and the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), is housed within the … Continued