Business Law Section’s Committee on Beer, Wine and Spirits: Fall Meeting 2020 Wine Tasting

Whether you intend on  taking advantage of having learned about the SCOTUS decisions regarding interstate shipping during the immediately preceding CLE session, or plan on skipping that part of the meeting and just joining us for the awards and wine tasting, you may purchase one of the two alternate wine packages described below

Deadline to order wine:  October 12th

Choice One (the best choice): No later than October 12, 2020, place an order for three bottles of wine, one each of 2015 Verbiage Blanc (50% Grenache Blanc and 50% Roussane); 2014 Verbiage Rouge (46% Grenache, 30% Syrah, 20% Mourvedre and 4% Cinsault); and 2013 Grenache from the Watch Hill Vineyard. You purchase this at The cost is $105 plus tax and shipping, for a total of $135.

Choice Two (2/3rds as good): No later than October 12, 2020, place an order and get two bottles of wine – the wines listed above without the single vineyard Grenache. You purchase this at The cost is $65 plus tax and shipping, for a total of $95.

Choice Three: You don’t want to participate in the wine tasting but would like to attend to network, or to see the Student Writing Competition awards ceremony

A brief note about Larry Schaffer and Tercero Wines ( The chair of the WBSL Committee first met Larry about four years ago at an annual charity wine fundraiser in San Juan, California, to benefit a local battered women’s shelter. Larry has been a significant participant in the event for approximately 10 years. He provides bottles of wine for guests to taste at the home of the principal sponsor. Wine collectors travel from across North America to participate and contribute to the shelter’s budget. His winery focuses on grape varieties commonly grown in the Southern France region known as the Rhône Valley, but also grown in other warmer climates, principally including California, Spain and Australia

If you want to buy the wines, please make sure to do so by the October 12 deadline. Shipments will occur on Monday or Tuesday to avoid having the wine sit in a FedEx warehouse over the weekend, so if you order after October 12, we can hope, but not guarantee, that the wines will arrive on time for the event. Make sure to direct delivery to a place where an adult signature can be provided to the delivery service.


  1. May I just buy the wines and a wine shop in New York? No, Tercero has no distribution in New York. You can learn about the three-tiered distribution system in New York if you attend the immediately preceding CLE session.
  2. I don’t like wine. We are very sorry for you, but we are hoping to be able to convince producers like the Ommegang Brewery in Cooperstown and the Hudson Valley Distillery in Columbia County to participate in similar future events.
  3. I can’t possibly drink two bottles, let alone three bottles. You can invite friends and family to join you in a socially distanced viewing session in which you can share the wines. There is also no requirement that you drink it all at once. You can recork the bottles at the end of the event and finish then off later. You can even ask the winemaker what effect he thinks that will have on his wine.