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NYSBA in the News: Expertise Sought As COVID-19 Vaccine Becomes a Reality

Once the New York State Bar Association House of Delegates approved a resolution on Nov. 7 outlining conditions for requiring a COVID-19 vaccine for all New Yorkers, save those exempted by doctors, the legal, local and national news began citing NYSBA’s Health Law Section report. The report also recommends that the state consider mandating a vaccine once … Continued

NYSBA in the News: Leadership On Tech In The Courts & Health Law Section Chair Discusses Recent Recommendations

As reports that two potential vaccines with 94.5 and 95 percent effectiveness are being released from the pharmaceutical companies Moderna and Pfizer, NYSBA Health Law Section Chair Mary Beth Morrisey spoke with two podcasts, including  The Capitol Pressroom (WCNY) where she explained the reasons for recommending the state consider mandating a COVID-19 vaccine once a scientific consensus … Continued

NYSBA in the News: September Bar Exam Cancelled, Condemning Roger Stone Commutation, Enforcing NY Quarantine Mandate and Q & A With President Karson

On Friday, July 10th, President Donald Trump commuted the prison sentence of Roger Stone, who was convicted in 2019 of several charges, including witness tampering and lying to a congressional committee. Trump’s decision drew harsh criticism from law enforcement and legal community. New York State Bar Associaton (NYSBA) President Scott M. Karson released a statement early Monday condemning the President’s decision.

NYSBA in the News: Advocating for our Members, Assisting Unemployed New Yorkers

The COVID-19 public health crisis and subsequent economic slowdown have impacted every aspect of the legal world. From increasing the need for certain legal services to prompting states to postpone the bar exam, the pandemic has led to many questions and concerns. NYSBA has been working to get answers for our members and to provide assistance to all New Yorkers.