Changes to the Uniform Rules: Just What Was Fixed?

By Brandon Vogel

June 29, 2022

Changes to the Uniform Rules: Just What Was Fixed?


By Brandon Vogel

On June 13, 2022, the Administrative Board of the Courts issued Administrative Order 141/2022, effective July 1, 2022, which provides for twelve changes to the Uniform Rules originally promulgated by OCA effective February 1, 2021. These changes, among others, were sought by NYSBA as recommendations proposed by the Task Force on Uniform Rules, and fix some of the issues that practitioners have encountered with the new rules.

NYSBA Past Presidents Sharon Stern Gerstman and Stephen P. Younger provided a summary of the changes and a discussion of what cases and motions they will apply to on the program, “Changes To The Uniform Rules; Just What Was Fixed?”. President-elect Richard Lewis delivered opening remarks.

Specific changes were made to the following rules:

Section 202.5(a)(2) Papers filed in court.

Section 202.8-b Length of Papers.

Section 202.8-g Motions for Summary Judgment; Statements of Material Facts.

Section 202.20 Interrogatories.

Section 202.20-a(b) Privilege Logs.

Section 202.20-c(c) Requests for Documents.

Section 202.20-h. Pre-Trial Memoranda, Exhibit Book, and Requests for Jury Instructions.

Section 202.20-i. Direct Testimony by Affidavit.

Section 202.20-j. Parties and non-parties should adhere to the Electronically Stored Information (“ESI”) guidelines set forth in Appendix hereto.

Section 202.26(c) Settlement and Pretrial Conferences.

Section 202.34. Pre-Marking of Exhibits.

Section 202.37. Scheduling Witnesses.

Changes were also made to harmonize the Section 202.16 Uniform Court Rules for Matrimonial Practice, specifically:

Section 202.16. Matrimonial actions; calendar control of financial disclosure in actions and proceedings involving alimony, maintenance, child support, and equitable distribution; motions for alimony, counsel fees pendente lite, and child support; special rules.

Section 202.16-b. Submission of Written Applications in Contested Matrimonial Actions.

Searchable PDF of AO 141/2022

PowerPoint-Just What Was Fixed

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