Chief Judge Rowan Wilson Praises NYSBA Members’ Tireless Devotion to Shaping the Development of Law

By Susan DeSantis

January 23, 2024

Chief Judge Rowan Wilson Praises NYSBA Members’ Tireless Devotion to Shaping the Development of Law


By Susan DeSantis

Chief Judge Rowan Wilson praised the New York State Bar Association and asked for the association’s advice and guidance in working with the court system to shape the law.

During an address to the House of Delegates at its Annual Meeting in New York City, Wilson said, “We need to rely on you and you on us in a couple of ways. As to legislative efforts, we want your input, advice and guidance as to the positions we may take and changes or revisions we might suggest.”

Wilson also applauded the dedication of the association’s membership to its mission, which, he said, has resulted in a profound impact on the profession and the state.

“Since its founding in 1876, the New York State Bar Association has been a force of good for New York. Part of the association’s power comes from the impressive breadth and depth of its membership. But most of the association’s impact comes from its leaders and its members’ tireless devotion to its mission to shape the development of the law, to educate and inform the public, and respond to the demands of our diverse and ever-changing legal profession.”

Wilson also noted that at the request of President Richard Lewis and Executive Director Pam McDevitt, the NYSBA president and the chief judge are having regular meetings. He also said that the Unified Court System is willing to assist the association in efforts to increase its membership.

“The judges, lawyers and non-legal staff of the Unified Court System can help the New York State Bar Association grow its membership. We stand ready to help in any most kind of membership drive you can conceive, whether that is by hosting events at the courts for young lawyers, coming to events you hold, engaging with you in civics education programs, conducting joint programs at law schools, you name it. I do not offer that purely out of a sense of altruism or responsibility. If we need your help to move forward, the stronger you are, the more helpful you will be.”

He closed by again emphasizing the tenets of cooperation and collaboration.

“So that we’re sure we don’t confuse the means and the end, the means is collaboration, the end is justice. The New York State Bar Association and the Unified Court System share that same goal and I look forward to our collaboration for many years to come.”


View Chief Judge Rowan Wilson’s Address to the House of Delegates

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