Alternative Dispute Resolution has arguably become the preferred method for resolving cases and claims in New York State and Federal Courts. This is certainly not surprising considering ADR expedites the resolution of litigation and accomplishes same with reduced legal fees and expenses.

A claim or lawsuit by its very nature involves some type of dispute between the parties on the appropriate monetary award and/or resolution remedy. However, there is no argument that trials are expensive, time consuming and unpredictable. ADR is the logical solution to address these concerns.

The growth of ADR is not limited to private vendors such as Jansen Group, JAMS, Resolute Systems and NAM, to name a few. Many Judicial Districts have developed and implemented post-discovery Mediation parts to facilitate settlements before cases reach the trial stage. These court sponsored programs have proven to be very successful. In addition the Summary Jury Trial Program has also yielded favorable results and provided litigants with an alternative to the significant court delays which presently exist in many of our courts.

Our goal as the ADR Committee of the Torts, Insurance & Compensation Law Section of the NYSBA is to educate and promote ADR to our members through Continuing Legal Education programs, TICL publications and collaboration with our group of diverse lawyers. Many of us are successful trial attorneys and are proud of our courtroom triumphs. ADR still allows us to demonstrate our talents, just in a more efficient manner.

Your voice is important to the ADR Committee and we want to hear from you. We are dedicated to a vibrant committee and urge you to join our section so that we may remain at the forefront as alternative dispute resolution continues to prosper.

Committee Co-Chairs

Brian Rayhill, Esq.

Law Offices of Brian Rayhill,

-One Whitehall Street, New York, New York 10004

-565 Taxter Road,

Elmsford, New York 10523

-990 Stewart Avenue, Garden City, New York 11530.

Phone: 646-773-6518

Email: [email protected]

Hon. George J. Silver
Deputy Chief Administrative Judge
Supreme Court New York County
60 Centre Street
New York, New York 10007
Email: [email protected]

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