The Committee’s activities focus on legal issues related to (i) merger control, (ii) cartel enforcement, (iii) vertical restraints, (iv) single-firm conduct, and (v) antitrust compliance. With a view to those issues, the mission of the International Antitrust and Competition Law Committee is (a) to foster discussion about the nature, objectives and quality of international antitrust law and practice by stimulating debate among its members as well as with other players in the international competition law community, and (b) to provide a forum to grow the professional development of its members.

In order to achieve its aims, the Committee seeks to develop a membership consisting not only of attorneys admitted in the State of New York, but open to all international antitrust practitioners in the private and public field.

In developing its activities, the Committee seeks to interact with regulatory agencies, bar organizations and academic institutions worldwide, as well as with other NYSBA and ILPS committees, sections and chapters. The Committee intends to sponsor roundtable discussions and create networking opportunities geared toward international antitrust counsel as well as representatives of antitrust regulators.

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