The Committee on Charitable Organizations is concerned with the legal aspects of formation, governance and operation of charitable organizations, including choice of entity, qualification of tax-exempt status and qualification as private foundations, public charities or supporting organizations. The Committee also focuses on charitable giving as a component of estate planning both in the drafting of documents and the administration of trusts and estates. In addressing state and local aspects of charitable organization operation, it reviews fiduciary law issues, questions of director or trustee liability and local tax issues. Furthermore, the Committee reviews proposed changes to the not-for-profit corporation law of New York, studies Internal Revenue Service activities and evaluates newly proposed regulations and legislation regarding regulation of tax-exempt organizations. The Committee is actively recruiting new members and plans to organize an education program in 2006 which focuses on charitable and tax-exempt entities.

Section Committee Chairs

Co-Chair- Gail Boggio- [email protected]
Co-Chair- Alvina Lo- [email protected]
Vice Chair- Samantha Lauri- [email protected]
Vice Chair- Imaan Moughal- [email protected]

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