The Committee on Civil Practice Law and Rules is charged with the authority to study and make recommendations and to consider and act upon legislation or rules concerning civil practice in our State courts. We also develop original legislation which we believe is necessary or useful to the practice of law in New York.

Our web site is intended to serve as a central clearinghouse for members of our committee as well as members of the bar interested in CPLR related issues. From this page, you can track CPLR legislation introduced in the legislature for the current sessionor the previous legislative sessions, with links to the bills, supporting memoranda,and our legislative reports. Importantly, our committee also proposes legislation, which is designed to improve the practice of law. We also have links to legal periodicals, law journals and other legal research sites.

The Committee is not an advocacy or political group. The membership is made up of a wide cross-section of the bar association, including members of the commercial bar, the personal injury bar (representing both plaintiffs and defendants), law professors and judges.

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