The Commercial Leasing Committee seeks to identify and address current issues and new developments in connection with the leasing of commercial space. The Committee holds four meetings each year, typically 2-hour lunch meetings, at which presentations on commercial leasing topics and related topics of interest to real estate lawyers are provided by knowledgeable speakers, often with CLE credit for attendees. The meetings are well attended and offer opportunities for active participation by the Committee members. Illustrative topics covered at such meetings over the past several years include Operating Expense Clauses; Casualty and Business Interruption – Lessons from Hurricane Sandy; “Good Guy” Guaranties; Construction Issues for Leasing Lawyers; High-End Retail Leasing; Ground Lease Target Practice; Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Issues; Update on Recent Case Law; Selected Federal Income Tax Issues for Leasing Lawyers; Negotiating SNDAs (Subordination and Non-Disturbance Agreements); and an ethics program on the use of social media. Although the Committee has not recently sought to publish reports or develop subcommittee projects, those activities are possible if the members of the Committee are so inclined.

Committee membership is open to members of the Real Property Law Section.

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