Mission Statement

Committee on Communications and Publications

June 1, 2018

The mission of the Committee on Communications and Publications is to oversee the development and production of all New York State Bar Association publications and other methods by which the State Bar communicates with its members, including, but not limited to, the Journal, the State Bar News, Section and Committee publications and communications, and digital content. The Committee is tasked with reviewing and evaluating all State Bar publications and will, when appropriate, recommend revisions, updates and/or changes needed to redesign, reshape or redirect State Bar publications and communication efforts. The Committee shall provide suggestions to State Bar staff and editors concerning format, schedule, market, advertisers/advertising, and distribution of all State Bar publications.

The Committee also will stay abreast of members’ needs and interests, technological advancements, production costs, distribution channels, and in an effort to maximize the value of content for State Bar members and strengthen NYSBA’s brand within the legal community.

In conducting its work, the Committee shall consult with and engage State Bar leaders and other entities and individuals, including the NYSBA President, Executive Committee, House of Delegates, Membership Committee, Section and Committee Chairs, and others with an interest in the Committee’s mission and activities.

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