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Committee on Continuing Legal Education

Mission Statement adopted by the Committee on Continuing Legal Education as amended at its meeting of January 27, 2011

The CLE Committee and staff are charged with creating and promoting high quality, reasonably priced legal education on a fiscally sound basis. This includes programs, publications, productions in various electronic and other media, and other products and activities for use by the legal profession in New York State. The CLE Committee is also charged with helping:

  • To coordinate NYSBA activities in this area for the Association;
  • To maintain and improve competence and professionalism of the bar, in the public interest and in the best interest of the NYSBA members; and
  • To make optimum, financially prudent use of NYSBA resources dedicated to this purpose.

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Committee Roster

Hon. Jonah Triebwasser

Ms. Judith A. LaManna, Esq.

Mr. W. Russell Corker, Esq.

Ms. Ellen G. Makofsky, Esq.

Liaison From Membership Committee

Ms. Joyce Carter Kimball

Mailing Purposes Only

Ms. Cindy M. O'Brien

Mailing Purposes Only

Ms. Katherine Suchocki, Esq.

Nysba Staff Liaison


Mr. John P. Christopher, Esq.

Executive Committee Liaison

Mrs. Carolyn T. Bell

Mailing Purposes Only

Ms. Shawndra G. Jones, Esq.


Ms. Holly A. Hirsch

Mailing Purposes Only

Ms. Bridget Donlon

Mailing Purposes Only


Ms. Simone Smith

Mailing Purposes Only

Mr. Thomas J. Richards, Esq.

Mailing Purposes Only


Ms. Sally Kolwaite Bratten, Esq.

Mailing Purposes Only


Ms. Michella Hand

Mailing Purposes Only

Mr. Patrick Boland

Mailing Purposes Only


Mr. Ernesto Guerrero

Diversity Representative


Jennifer Wright

Mailing Purposes Only


Tara Covert

Mailing Purposes Only

Leanne Isabelle

Mailing Purposes Only


Mr. Michael E. O'Connor, Esq.

Mr. James R. Barnes, Esq.


Burke & Casserly, P.C.

Ms. Rosemarie Tully, Esq.

Ms. Angelicque M. Moreno, Esq.

Ms. Mirna M. Santiago, Esq.

Ms. Merrie Jeanne Webel

Mr. Jeffrey T. Zaino, Esq.

Ms. Erin Kathleen Flynn

Ms. Jean Averill Young du Pont

Mrs. Elisa Strassler Rosenthal, Esq.

Ms. Nichole Laine Sterling

Mr. Daniel Robert Bernard, Esq.

Ms. Di Ma, Esq.

Mr. Anthony Tze Cheung Lam, Esq.

Darryl R. Graham, Esq.

Mr. Robert J. Olejar, Esq.

Ms. Kimberly Ann Livingstone, Esq.

Mr. Gregory K. Arenson, Esq.

Mr. James P. Rigano, Esq.

Mr. Robert J. Ansell

Mr. Mark Arthur Berman, Esq.

Ms. Patricia J. Shevy

Ms. Joanna M. Roberto, Esq.

Mr. Brian John Malkin, Esq.

Arent Fox LLP

Ms. Rona G. Shamoon, Esq.

Ms. Jean F. Gerbini, Esq.

Whiteman Osterman & Hanna LLP

Mr. Tucker C. Stanclift, Esq.

Ms. Courtney S. Radick, Esq.

Amdursky, Pelky, Fennell and Wallen, PC

Ms. Sharon P. Stiller

Mr. George R. McGuire, Esq.

Mr. Jevon L. Garrett, Esq.

Mr. Stephen D. Foulk, Esq.

Mr. Vincent J. Syracuse, Esq.

Ms. Diane F. Krausz, Esq.

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