Mission Statement adopted by the Committee on Continuing Legal Education as amended at its meeting of January 27, 2011

The CLE Committee and staff are charged with creating and promoting high quality, reasonably priced legal education on a fiscally sound basis. This includes programs, publications, productions in various electronic and other media, and other products and activities for use by the legal profession in New York State. The CLE Committee is also charged with helping:

  • To coordinate NYSBA activities in this area for the Association;
  • To maintain and improve competence and professionalism of the bar, in the public interest and in the best interest of the NYSBA members; and
  • To make optimum, financially prudent use of NYSBA resources dedicated to this purpose.

Upcoming Events


Making & Protecting The Record: Virtual And Live - NYSBA Trial Academy Virtual Conference (Webinar)

An Appellate Judge's View: Key Points for Preserving Error for Appeal | How do an offer of proof and a voir dire of a witness…

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COVID-19 Insurance Primer For Entertainment Attorneys: Business Interruption And Event Cancellation Coverage (Webinar)

COVID-19 has dramatically impacted the New York entertainment industry and insurance concerns are at the forefront of survival for many entertainment businesses, large and small.…

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Emergency Arbitration And Its Benefits In A Remote Environment (Webinar)

Co-sponsored by the Dispute Resolution Section and the Commercial and Federal Litigation Section of the New York State Bar Association. this program will explore the…

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Legal And Ethical Considerations In Securitized Loan Transactions (Webinar)

Discussion points: Securitization of loans and when loans become securities | The Woodbridge Companies Litigation | Ethical considerations in securitized loan transactions including the role…

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Family Law Boot Camp For Lawyers: What You Need To Know When Representing Veterans (Webinar)

Panelists will identify challenges and discuss the representation difficulties faced and provide suggestions on strategies that can be invoked to put the service member or…

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Practicing Animal Law Post COVID-19 Using ADR And Remote Platforms (Webinar)

This program assists attorneys, who include animal law in their practice, in incorporating two important new skills into their client response, ADR and operating a…

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Professional Group

Bridging The Gap - July 2020 (Webinar)

The Bridging the Gap continuing legal education program offers 16.0 total credits. Newly admitted attorneys can satisfy all of their annual MCLE requirements by attending…

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Forms Of Insurance That Go Above & Beyond New York State Statutory Requirements

Attorneys are typically focused on statutory benefits that are required by law. We will discuss income replacement plans and private disability insurance policies that go…

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Successfully Deploying Arbitration after Litigation_675

Successfully Deploying Arbitration After Litigation (Webinar)

Raising awareness of the problem with delays in the civil system and that arbitration after litigation is even possible — and practicable in the right…

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"Remote" Lawyering: Competence, Confidentiality, And Supervision Issues For Attorneys (Webinar)

This webinar will discuss such considerations, focusing on competence, confidentiality, and supervision issues for both in-house and outside counsel to consider while working remotely.

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Preparing And Presenting Demonstrative Evidence,  The Psychology Of Persuasion, And Ethical Boundaries (Webinar)

In this one-hour presentation, we will explore the differences between demonstrative evidence and demonstrative aids, how they are used, the requirements of each, the dangers…

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Commercial Arbitration Training For Arbitrators And Counsel: Comprehensive Training For The Conducting Of Commercial Arbitrations, Domestic And International (Webinar)

For new arbitrators and seasoned arbitrators interested in taking their skills to the next level – and for litigators interested in learning how best to…

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Starting A Solo Practice From Scratch: Business, Legal And Ethical Issues (Webinar)

In this entertaining, fast-paced presentation, you will learn the fundamental business skills necessary to build a successful solo law practice anywhere in the United States,…

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New Technologies: How Attorneys & Their Clients Might Evaluate New Technologies To Decide Whether To Adopt (Webinar)

Among other topics, our speakers will touch on issues surrounding videoconferencing, social media, contact tracing, and ways to vet new technologies for use in practice.

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Handling The Virtual Hearing - NYSBA Trial Academy Virtual Conference (Webinar)

This presentation will discuss the preparation and handling of virtual hearings. There will be discussion about litigating in the local and county courts during COVID-19.

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Legal Issues With Esports (Webinar)

This interactive (and entertaining) session will examine esports, including explaining the ins and outs of the ecosystem and the legal issues that now come with…

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Mediation And ADR Alternatives In Westchester County Supreme Court (Webinar)

This panel consists of the two sitting Commercial Division Supreme Court Justices in Westchester County and the ADR Coordinator for the Ninth Judicial District. The…

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Beyond The Trash Bin: Proper Disposal Of Electronic Data (Webinar)

Our panelists will discuss what lawyers need to consider to protect themselves when maintaining but also disposing of client data that is stored electronically.

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Legal Writing from a Federal Judge’s Perspective_675

Legal Writing From A Federal Judge's Perspective (Webinar)

The presentation draws from a recently published book by Judge Bob Bacharach of the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, entitled "Legal Writing: A Judge's Perspective…

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Virtual Meeting Platforms: Discovery, Evidentiary, Privacy & Cybersecurity Issues (Webinar)

oin us for this program, when we will discuss the legal significance of the data created by virtual meeting platforms, what lawyers need to know…

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Borrower Beware: Defending PPP Loans From After-the-Fact Government Scrutiny (Webinar)

Join Hodgson Russ attorneys for a discussion of PPP risks and strategies you can implement now to prepare to protect yourself or your company against…

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Taking And Preparing Depositions - NYSBA Trial Academy Virtual Conference (Webinar)

Know the rules and be ready. In this segment, you will learn how to prepare for, take, and defend depositions both in person and virtually.…

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Virtual Meetings Best Practices for Corporations and LLCs_675
Professional Group

Bridging The Gap - August 2020 (Webinar)

The Bridging the Gap continuing legal education program offers 16.0 total credits. Newly admitted attorneys can satisfy all of their annual MCLE requirements by attending…

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Grand Jury Presentations & Representing Clients In Grand Jury - NYSBA Trial Academy Virtual Conference (Webinar)

Preparing clients to testify, requesting legal instructions, making favorable witnesses known to the prosecutor and other essential defense strategies, obligations, and considerations will be discussed.…

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Making Objections And Rules Of Evidence - NYSBA Trial Academy Virtual Conference (Webinar)

What are objections and How we use them to help win our case is the theme of the presentation. When to object and more importantly…

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Risk Management for Lawyers_675

Risk Management For Lawyers (Webinar)

Designed for all practicing attorneys regardless of their level of expertise, this program will provide practical tips to help improve your practice and lessen the…

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The Secure Act_675

Evidence: Introduction Of Exhibits - NYSBA Trial Academy Virtual Conference (Webinar)

What are exhibits? Exhibits are anything other than testimony that can be perceived by the senses and presented at the trial or hearing.

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Developing Your Theory Of The Case - NYSBA Trial Academy Virtual Conference (Webinar)

To win a trial an attorney must argue facts, weave in the law and make logical arguments based on the emotions that will compel the…

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Past Events Highlights


Recently Adopted Rules & Technology At The Appellate Division

Attend this free program and learn about the recently adopted rules and procedures relating to technology at the Appellate Division, Second Judicial Department as well…

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An Ethical Exploration Of The Three R's

Join us for an hour of ethics as we examine the legitimate, improper and gray areas that exist in the marketplace as well as how…

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A Guide To Residential Real Estate Closings (Long Island)

Learn from seasoned real estate and title practitioners how to utilize best practices during the real estate closing process and how to avoid traps for…

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Risk Management 2020 (Syracuse)

Designed for all practicing attorneys regardless of their level of expertise, this program will provide practical tips to help improve your practice and lessen the…

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Special Education Law Update (Albany)

This program, featuring well recognized practitioners in Special Education Law, will present valuable information and practical pointers across a broad spectrum of topics.

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Applying For Malpractice Insurance 2020

Learn about malpractice insurance considerations while gaining practical tips when applying for and purchasing the appropriate coverage.

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Completing Your Cyber Application 2020

Join industry experts and learn the ins and outs of completing your cyber application. Learn tips and tools to make it a fast and efficient…

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A Guide To Residential Real Estate Closings (NYC & Webcast)

Learn from seasoned real estate and title practitioners how to utilize best practices during the real estate closing process and how to avoid traps for…

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Risk Management 2020 (Buffalo)

Designed for all practicing attorneys regardless of their level of expertise, this program will provide practical tips to help improve your practice and lessen the…

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CoronavirusWhatABusinessShould DoToPrepare_web_675X250 (1)

Coronavirus - What Businesses Should Do To Prepare

In this one-hour webinar, panelists will discuss the key business operational risks as well as action steps firms should take to prepare for and minimize…

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How Attorneys And Judges Are Addressing New Tech - Part II

Our expert panel will examine highly automated, autonomous, and connected vehicle technologies, as well as biometric technologies, and some of the legal issues they have…

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Recognizing The Risks Of Facial Recognition

The panel will cover the debate around the use of facial recognition technology by law enforcement, landlords, in schools and other places, recent laws and…

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Cyber-Protect Your Firm When You Work From Home (Webinar)

This webinar will inform you of the practical considerations recommended for serving client and law firm needs and avoiding the risks inherent in practicing law…

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At The Intersection Of Highly Automated & Autonomous Vehicles

This program will examine potential bases for criminal liability associated with Level 3, 4 and 5 vehicles, including possible issues under the Fourth and Fifth…

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Discovery, Use, And Admissibility Of Black Box Data

The panel will discuss the issues raised by “black box” data and systems, including whether decisions in cases involving technology assisted review (TAR) and source…

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Employing AI: Explainable AI, Algorithmic Bias & The Workplace

The panel will analyze the recently enacted Illinois Artificial Intelligence Video Interview Act, what it means for employers, and whether we are likely to see…

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Cybersecurity Key Takeaways Webinar Series

In light of the favorable response to the report NYSBA’s Technology and the Legal Profession Committee issued at the Cybersecurity Thought Leadership Conference, the Committee…

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Professional Group

Bridging The Gap: March 2020 (Webinar)

The Bridging the Gap continuing legal education program offers 16.0 total credits. Newly admitted attorneys can satisfy all of their annual MCLE requirements by attending…

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A Pandemic Law Practice: Collaboration, Culture & Security (Webinar)

When preparing for COVID-19 and the potential evacuation of traditional office space, clearly the ability for lawyers and staff to access data is the first…

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Coronavirus: Treatment, Legal & Insurance Issues (Webinar)

New treatments for Coronavirus patients and associated legal and ethical issues for doctors and hospitals, liability protections Insurance issues and more.

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The Stimulus Package Survival Guide: What Solos And Small Firms Should Know (Webinar)

This webinar is sold out. To register for the recorded program via our on-demand archive please click here and follow the instructions. In this one-hour…

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Professional Group

Bridging The Gap: April 2020 (Webinar)

The Bridging the Gap continuing legal education program offers 16.0 total credits. Newly admitted attorneys can satisfy all of their annual MCLE requirements by attending…

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What Are The Typical Steps In Large, Complex Commercial Arbitrations: Peering Into The Arbitrators' Brain (Webinar)

How does commercial arbitration actually work—the extent to which discovery, including depositions, and motion practice, actually take place in arbitration.

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Mediation In The Time Of Coronavirus: How To Conduct An Effective Online Mediation - Observations & Tips For Mediators & Representatives (Webinar)

Experienced mediator and founding Chair of NYSBA’s Dispute Resolution Section, Simeon H. Baum, Esq., will lead participants through a nuts and bolts presentation on how…

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Lawyer As Employer: Handling Coronavirus Issues In The Workplace (Webinar)

Remote work, quarantines, and essential employees – what lawyers need to know.

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The New Discovery Law: Practical Impact In Criminal Practice (Webinar)

This lecture will provide an overview of the new discovery law, examine how is has been applied in criminal practice, and how to use this…

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Unique Strategies To Cross-Examinations - Do's And Don'ts: A Step-by-Step Guide To Winning Your Case (Webinar)

This lecture provides an interesting and strategic approach to cross-examination in criminal cases.

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How To Navigate Business Interruption Insurance In Light Of The COVID-19 Pandemic (Webinar)

This webinar will address an emerging topic of great interest to attorneys and their clients across the state: the extent to which insurance may (or…

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Navigating Success In-House In Tumultuous Times (Webinar)

During this webinar, participants will discover the four challenging areas where in-house lawyers should focus.

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Mindfulness For Lawyers In A Time Of Stress (Webinar)

Learn how to use mindfulness to improve your immune system and calm your fears, while also maintaining social connections via electronics to prevent loneliness.

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Best Practices Of Counsel In Representing Parties In Arbitration From The Perspectives Of Neutrals And Arbitration Providers (Webinar)

This program will focus on how best to represent clients in arbitration, keying in on how to harness the distinctive advantages and opportunities of contemporary…

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The Lawyer As Employer: Diversity In The Law Firm Workplace

This program will discuss ways to think about diversity in your firm, the current state of the law in an everchanging legal landscape and practical…

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To Blow Or Not To Blow And Handling Test Refusals: What You Need To Know When You Get That 2 A.m. Call (Webinar)

This program provides an excellent overview of how to represent a DWI defendant in New York.

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How To Seal Documents In The Commercial Division (Webinar)

A systematic review of the body of law that governs sealing motions, advice as to what attorneys should do. What is the law, what you…

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Pandemics And Planning: The Documents Every Attorney Should Have (Webinar)

Join us in this webinar to learn best practices and documents that will make plans and efforts more effective to protect employees, customers, and partners.

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Ethical Issues To Consider In Your DWI Case: Judicial Policies, Discovery, The Lying Client And More (Webinar)

Issues that will be discussed among others are when your client wants to lie, judicial policies, to waive or not to waive during Discovery, defendants'…

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Changes To The Medicaid Home Care Regime In New York State: What We Know And What We Don't Yet Know (Webinar)

Practitioners David Goldfarb, Richard Weinblatt and Valerie Bogart will guide participants through the new NYS Medicaid legislation including the 30 month look-back period for Home…

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COVID-19: Legal Malpractice Perspectives On Small And Mid-Sized Law Firms (Webinar)

The COVID-19 crisis has changed the way law is practiced and small and mid-sized law firms need to prepare and transform in these uncertain times.

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How-To: Effective Representation Of Clients During Video Mediation (Webinar)

Understanding the Dispute Relative to the Forum, Understanding the Psychology of Working Online, Choosing the Mediator and the Technology, Pre-Mediation: Planning to Succeed, During the…

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COVID-19 Tax Relief For Individuals, Trusts And Estates (Webinar)

This program will summarize the COVID-19 tax relief granted by the US, New York State, and New York City, including extensions of the tax reporting…

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Attorney Marketing: How To Grow During A Time Of Crisis (Webinar)

COVID-19 will disappear someday and life will return to a new normal. Instead of bouncing between panic and boredom, why not prepare for that new…

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The Evolution Of Executive Orders And The State Budget: Impact & Response During The COVID Crisis On Local Government (Webinar)

Review of the New York State statutes and Executive Orders governing during this State of Emergency at the state and local level.

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PreparingforYourFirstorNextMediation_675 (002)

Preparing For Your First Or Next Mediation And Selecting Your Mediator (Webinar)

Preparing for Your First or Next Mediation and Selecting Your Mediator

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10 Tips To Help Grow Your Practice (Webinar)

Learn strategic methods to treat your law office like a business.

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Starting A Solo Practice In New York 2020 (Webinar)

This program provides an overview of what it takes to own your own practice. From choosing a business entity to choosing office space and attracting…

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COVID-19 Tax Relief For Small Businesses And Individuals (Webinar)

The webinar would discuss updates on the State and Federal tax changes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The attorneys at Tenenbaum Law will…

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Key Considerations Of Digital Asset Administration And Cryptocurrency For The Trusts & Estates Practitioner (Webinar)

Learn from experienced trusts and estates law practitioners about the key considerations when administering digital assets and using virtual currency.

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When Sheltering At Home Isn’t Safe: Understanding And Responding To The Impact Of The Coronavirus Crisis On Victims Of Intimate Partner Violence In New York (Webinar)

The conditions created by the current global pandemic including increased family time at home, isolation from friends and family, emotional and financial stressors, reduced access…

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Renewable Energy Siting (Webinar)

On April 3, the Public Service Law Article 10 siting process for large solar and wind farms was replaced by the Accelerated Renewable Energy Growth…

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"I Am No Longer Covered" - Options Lawyers Need To Know When Either You Or Your Client Loses Group Healthcare Coverage (Webinar)

Join panelists in a discussion on what to consider for your clients, yourself and/or family members if healthcare coverage is lost due to changes in…

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Legal Project Management 2020

This program provides an overview of legal project management and techniques you can use. Panelists provide an overview of how firms can meet client demands…

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The Future of the Constitution_675

The Future Of The Constitution: Impacts On Governmental Practice, Political Discourse And Civil Rights (Webinar)

This lecture will cover Gridlock in Governmental Relations and Civil Liberties and the Future of the Constitution

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The Child Parent Security Act: Parentage After Assisted Reproduction & Compensated Surrogacy (Webinar)

Join us to learn about the newly enacted NYS Child Parent Security Act which addresses the parentage of children born through assisted reproduction (donated sperm,…

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Bringing Employees Back To The Office: Key Steps And Preparations For Law Firms (Webinar)

Returning to normal operations will require a review of policies and procedures to bring employees back safely and comply with new legal requirements and guidance.

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Medical Malpractice Actions And Immunity In The Time Of COVID-19 (Webinar)

Topics to be discussed: COVID-19 Regulatory, Legislative and EO Timeline, Impact on Healthcare, Credentialing Relaxation, Credentialing and Work Hour, Relaxations, Record Keeping , Scope of…

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Unraveling The Unemployment Insurance Benefits Hearing Process (Webinar)

Learn process, procedure and practice tips for successfully representing clients while navigating the unemployment insurance appeals hearing process from an overview of benefits through appeals…

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Landlord Tenant Practice – Key COVID-19 Updates For Upstate Practitioners (Webinar)

Learn the latest legal updates helpful to landlord and tenant law practitioners in Upstate NY during the current COVID-19 crisis including rent deferral, evictions, summary…

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The Ethics Of Contract Negotiation (Webinar)

This presentation focuses on a rarely discussed issue: ethical conduct while creating transactional documents.

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UnderstandingtheAAA-ICDRVirtual Hearings_675

Understanding The AAA-ICDR Virtual Hearing Guide For Arbitrators And Parties (Webinar)

Prior to the pandemic, the AAA-ICDR had been conducting documents only and virtual hearings using several online platforms. There has been an obvious interest and…

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Virtual Currency: Regulation, Risks And (Online) Self Defense (Webinar)

Join us for an overview New York Department of Financial Service’s regulation for virtual currency companies – often referred to as the “bitlicense” regulation -…

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Fiduciary Liability, Valuation And Prudent Investing (Webinar)

The COVID-19 Pandemic and the economic difficulties that have accompanied it have raised numerous estate and trust administration issues relating to the valuation of estate…

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Smart Phone Success And Terrific Tablets For Lawyers (Webinar)

Smart Phone Success and Terrific Tablets: Getting More Productivity (and Fun!) from Your Smart Phone and Tablet Devices

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Practical And Ethical Considerations For Outside And In-House Counsel: A Guide For New Attorneys (Webinar)

Geared toward law students, young lawyers and newly admitted attorneys - join us for an informed discussion about the various roles of in-house and outside…

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The NY Shield Act_675

The NY Shield Act: New Data Privacy Requirements For Both Clients And Lawyers (Webinar)

Join us for an hour of Professional Practice credit to discuss what New York businesses (including law firms) need to know to stay in compliance.

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Who Has The Constitutional Authority To "Reopen" The Country's Economy In Light Of The COVID-19 Health Crisis (Webinar)

Join us for this insightful discussion with one of the nation’s leading constitutional law scholars, Dean and Distinguished Professor of Law Erwin Chemerinsky.

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Labor Law And Construction: The Homeowners Exemption (Webinar)

Understanding Labor Law §§240 and 241 is imperative to anyone involved in construction at any level.

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Estate And Gift Tax Planning During The Coronavirus Pandemic (Webinar)

The Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in depreciated asset values and record-low interest rates at a time when estate and gift tax exemption amounts remain at…

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Conducting A Virtual Evidentiary Hearing In Arbitration (Webinar)

Conducting an entire evidentiary hearing virtually raises a series of important considerations and challenges. These issues will be addressed by a distinguished panel of experienced…

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TakingandDefendingDepositionsEssentials for Succes_675

Taking And Defending “Winning” Depositions: Secrets For Success (Webinar)

This CLE will provide practical guidance for taking and defending depositions, along with applicable law and rules to remember.

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Cryptocurrency And Blockchain: Effects On Matrimonial Law (Webinar)

Bitcoin (BTC) is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. $30 - $40 BILLION worth of BTC changes hands on any given day. It can be transferred…

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Sick And Safe Leave In NYS: Moving Beyond COVID-19 (Webinar)

Our panelist will explain the interaction and overlap between the new law, the NYS Paid Family Leave Law and local (NYC/Westchester) sick and safe leave…

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International Family Law: Year In Review (Webinar)

Learn about the the most important International Family Law updates of the last year and how they may impact your practice.

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ADR Clauses In Corporate Agreements: Drafting Considerations In Business Partnerships And Corporate Transactions (Webinar)

Mediation and arbitration and other forms of dispute resolution can be used to assist the parties in resolving those conflicts expeditiously and cost-effectively.

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Depositions: Tactic And Strategy Combined With COVID-19 (Webinar)

Covid-19 has at least temporarily changed the landscape the discovery. Explore the tactics involved in taking a deposition from preparing clients, documents as exhibits to…

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Reopening Your Law Office: Key Considerations For Small Firms (Webinar)

This program will outline key steps for law firms to take to foster a safe return to an office.

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The Ethics Of Freelance Legal Services: Hiring & Being Hired Including Contracts And Best Practices (Webinar)

This presentation explains the attributes of the freelance legal service engagement, from the perspective of both the hiring firm or attorney, as well as the…

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Review of New Changes to the 2019 Laws_675

Review Of New Changes To The 2019 Laws On Bail And Discovery In Criminal Cases (Webinar)

What do the April 2020 changes to the law on bail mean regarding release of those criminally accused? How does the new law change the…

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Negotiating Contracts In The Era Of COVID-19: Contract Provisions, Major Unexpected Events (Webinar)

Defining Deliverable -- service or product, Timeframe for delivery of service or product, Payment terms; before or after, Default -- failure of performance, Remedies for…

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Drafting Arbitration Clauses In Patent License Agreements To Avoid Expensive Global Disputes (Webinar)

Major patent license disputes frequently arise not over patent issues but over the commercial terms of these agreements. This webinar explores alternatives for drafting arbitration…

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Bankruptcy Practice And Procedure During The COVID-19 Pandemic (Webinar)

This program is designed to detail the impact COVID-19 has had on the practice of bankruptcy in New York state, and orders that have been…

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An Introduction to Blockchain_675

An Introduction To Blockchain: A Litmus Test For Lawyers (Webinar)

Is Blockchain the revolutionary technology that the hype suggests? Does blockchain technology have relevance to your practice and/or place within your organization?

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The 10 Commandments Of Trial Practice And Tactics: Ten Topics In 100 Minutes (Webinar)

Join members of the TICL and Trial Sections for an interactive discussion amongst attendees and panelists about the common pitfalls in current trial practice. We…

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Lessons From Home: Compensable Commuting In Workers' Compensation (Webinar)

In order to be compensable under the WCL, accidents must arise out of and in the course of the employee’s employment.

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Employment Law In The Age Of COVID-19: Principles For Today And The Post-COVID World (Webinar)

Learn from experienced practitioners about how the current global COVID-19 Pandemic is impacting the workplace including OSHA Guidance, Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) and…

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Technology And Equipment Cybersecurity Concerns: Before And During COVID-19

The panelists will discuss these issues along with concerns regarding “Bring Your Own Device” policies, protections of physical and cloud computing networks, and best practices…

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Important New York State DWI Updates 2020: Everything Must Change (Webinar)

A detailed examination of pertinent (or important) DWI decisions from the past year including topics such as Manslaughter, Accusatory Instruments and Double Jeopardy.

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Legal Ethics In The Age Of COVID-19: What Lawyers Need To Know (Webinar)

During this webinar, panelists will provide guidelines to assist lawyers in complying with their ethical duties during this pandemic and beyond.

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A Virtual Town Hall With The Appellate Division Sponsored By The Commercial And Federal Litigation Section (Webinar)

Join the leadership of the four departments of the Appellate Division, New York Supreme Court for the status of appeals during COVID-19.

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The Regulation Of Disinfectants & Their Safe Use: Controlling SARS-CoV-2 (Webinar)

This program will address the regulation by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the states of disinfectants used to control the SARS-Cov-2 new coronavirus.

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Workers' Compensation: The Impact Of Recent Events And Case Law On Permanency Awards, Capped Benefits And Labor In The Market (Webinar)

The impact of recent events and case law on permanency awards, capped benefits and labor market attachment. The program will involve and overview of important…

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Resilience Training: Performance & Interpersonal Management Skills For A Better Practice And A Better Life (Webinar)

We’ll identify and explain mental balance, emotional intelligence, the S.T.O.P. technique, time management and the difference between “urgent” and “important” tasks.

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An Election Like No Other: Preparing For A Local Election Postponed Due To The COVID-19 Pandemic (Webinar)

The purpose of this webinar is to assist attorneys who represent municipalities and school districts, and attorneys who represent clients in matters involving municipalities and/or…

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How To Survive And Potentially Thrive As A Neutral In These Volatile Times (Webinar)

How can you use the current market environment to equip yourself with the necessary skills needed to obtain more cases as well as deliver more…

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Drafting Arbitration Clauses: Choosing Between Litigation And Arbitration And Tips For Drafting Effective Clauses (Webinar)

In every contract, one has a choice between litigation and arbitration. And, if one chooses arbitration, it is imperative that the arbitration clause is an…

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Attorneys Guide To Navigating The Pandemic - How To Survive And Thrive In The New Normal (Webinar)

It’s time to get back to business - and figure out how to do that in the new normal - all while preparing for the…

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Preparing for Arbitration_675

Preparing For Arbitration: What To Include In The Arbitration Agreement, Selecting An Arbitrator, Discovery And Preparing For An Effective Proceeding (Webinar)

What should be in an arbitration agreement, how specific should the agreement be, how to go about selecting an arbitrator, what discovery should one seek…

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Force Majeure & Real Estate: Can You Force Me Out? (Webinar)

Experienced practitioners will discuss the impact of the force majeure clause on real estate contracts during COVID-19, ways to address current commercial real estate issues,…

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The Impact Of COVID-19 On Sports: A Legal Perspective (Webinar)

This webinar will explore legal and business issues related to the sudden impact of the novel Coronavirus on professional and amateur sports, in March of…

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Class Action Practice And Procedure: State And Federal Court Perspectives (Webinar)

CAFA | Arbitration Agreements & Class Action Practice | Class Notice Issues | Named Plaintiff Standing Requirements After Spokeo | Pre-Answer Motions to Dismiss Class…

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Introduction To Legal Research On Fastcase (Webinar)

his class will focus on the extensive libraries available as an exclusive New York State Bar Association member benefit.

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Income Tax Considerations For The Executor/Administrator

This program explores an Executor’s/Administrator’s duties surrounding the Decedent’s personal income tax returns and fiduciary income tax returns.

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When Fear Goes Viral: A Cultural And Legal History Of The Fear Of Infectious Disease And Unconscious Bias (Webinar)

This program explores the unconscious historical biases that lead the public to choose scapegoats in a maladaptive attempt to quell fear of the spread of…

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A Going Concern: How Legal And Financial Professionals Will Be Dealing With Business Valuations Going Forward (Webinar)

The virtual shutdown of the U.S. economy will impact how businesses are valued in 2020 and beyond. Learn from attorneys and CPAs about key valuation…

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Negotiation Theory And Practice: ADR And Entertainment (Webinar)

Sponsored by the Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law Section, and the Dispute Resolution Section. Join the EASL ADR Committee and the Dispute Resolution Section for…

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Purchase And Sale Of A Business 2020 (Webinar)

This program will take you through key steps in the purchase and sale of a business.  Learn key skills in negotiating, drafting and writing contracts.

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Suing Or Defending A Municipality: Notices Of Claim And Other Issues (Webinar)

The King Can Do No Wrong – Waiver of Sovereign Immunity, Town Law § 65. Actions and Proceedings by and Against Towns, 50-H Hearing, Constitutional…

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Trust Me, I’m A Lawyer: Handling Trust Accounts, Fee Splitting & Freelancing (Webinar)

The presenter will cover the law of trust and IOLA accounts and also provide access to forms for freelancing and sharing fees, and best practices…

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Restaurant Re-openings: A Local And State Government Perspective On Outdoor Seating, Permitting And The SLA (Webinar)

Restaurants across the state were prohibited from serving patrons on-premises when COVID-19 hit, with carryout, curbside and delivery services being the only options. Now, as…

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As Businesses Reopen, The Lawsuits Begin: The Landscape For The Post-COVID Deluge Of Lawsuits, The Intersection Of Insurance And Using ADR For Expedited Resolution (Webinar)

The Landscape for the Post-Covid Deluge of Lawsuits, the Intersection of Insurance and Using ADR for Expedited Resolution.

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Tactical Decisions That Counsel And The Client Must Often Make While Participating In Mediation: Part 1 (Webinar)

This is part one of a two part series. Part two will be taking place June 29 at 10 a.m. These programs will involve in…

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Introduction To Boolean On Fastcase (Webinar)

This class will focus on the extensive libraries available as an exclusive New York State Bar Association member benefit. You will receive an in-depth guide…

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Restrictive Covenants: The Good, The Bad And What The Future Holds (Webinar)

Basic points of New York law on the enforceability of restrictive covenants, best practices in the preparation of restrictive covenants on behalf of employers, what…

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Arbitration And Artificial Intelligence: The Computer As An Arbitrator - Are We There Yet? (Webinar)

An examination of what the likely role of Artificial Intelligence will be in arbitration in coming years.

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When Are Preliminary Agreements Enforceable? Best Practices When Using LOIs, MOUs And Term Sheets (Webinar)

Parties negotiating a commercial transaction often use a letter of intent (LOI), a memorandum of understanding (MOU) or term sheet to aid their discussions. Care…

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Charitable Giving During The Coronavirus Pandemic (Webinar)

Learn about charitable giving opportunities during the Coronavirus Pandemic including the ability to take income tax deductions for COVID-related giving, setting up charitable lead trusts…

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Rethinking Harm In Personal Injury And Negligence Cases In The Age Of COVID-19 (Webinar)

This personal injury program is for personal injury lawyers, but also all civil litigation lawyers who deal with clients who suffer harm, including medical malpractice,…

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Parallel Proceedings In International Arbitration: How To Avoid Or Mitigate The Undesirable Effects (Webinar)

Often times in International Arbitration, the same dispute results in parallel proceedings between a national court and an arbitral tribunal or multiple arbitral tribunal. These…

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Changes In The New York Open Government Laws During The Declared Coronavirus Disaster Emergency (Webinar)

Join the Executive Director of the NYS Committee on Open Government as she discusses and answers questions concerning the New York State open government laws…

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Advanced Commercial Mediation Training 2020

The Dispute Resolution Section of the New York State Bar Association is proud to offer a special program designed for mediators who have completed —…

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The Virtual Court System: Challenges Of Converting To Virtual Courtroom & The Pitfalls Of Virtual Practice - NYSBA Trial Academy Virtual Conference (Webinar)

The Virtual Court System: Challenges of Converting to Virtual Courtroom and the Pitfalls of Virtual Practice. Topics to be discussed: Guiding you through the transition…

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The Securities And Exchange Commission’s Exam Priorities For 2020 For Investment Advisers (Webinar)

This program is free for Business Law Section Members. The panelists will discuss findings from 2019 exams and current priorities for 2020.

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Operating During the COVID-19 Pandemic_675

Operating During The COVID-19 Pandemic: Current Legal Landscape And Employer Considerations (Webinar)

Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP present a CLE about reopening and operating considerations for employers during the pandemic. The CLE is intended to assist employers…

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Successful Networking For Lawyers Who Hate Networking (Webinar)

This seminar will give you 3 steps that are so easy even the most introverted and reluctant attorney can immediately start building a powerful personal…

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A Town Hall On ADR Solutions During COVID-19: Learn The Virtual Ropes - Part Two (Webinar)

In this webinar, Hon. Ariel E. Belen (Ret.) will lead advocates and parties through a hypothetical virtual arbitration session using an online platform. This process…

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Long Term Care In COVID-19: Navigating Legal, Medical And Ethical Issues For Providers And Older Adults (Webinar)

This program will address the challenges presented by COVID-19 in the long-term care environment from both provider and older adult care recipient perspectives. Drawing on…

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Changed By COVID: Veterans' Benefits Impacted By A Global Pandemic (Webinar)

This program highlights strategies for attorneys serving Veterans and their families amid these daunting times, and offers plenty of pathways for lawyers to engage in…

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Tactical Decisions That Counsel & The Client Must Often Make: Part 2 (Webinar)

In depth discussion of critical tactical decisions that lawyers and their clients must often make in mediation by two panels of lawyers experienced in representing…

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Business Arbitration And Mediation 2020: How Arbitration And Mediation Will And Should Look In The Future (Webinar)

This program will address how business arbitration and mediation will and should develop, from the perspectives of users, counsel, and neutrals, in the future—so we…

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Immunities In The Face Of The COVID-19 Human Rights And Public Health Crisis (Webinar)

Earlier this year, the NYSBA Health Law Section convened a Task Force to develop a report to highlight and discuss the unique legal and ethical…

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The Attorney Disciplinary Process in the Time of the Pandemic_675

The Attorney Disciplinary Process In The Time Of The Pandemic: The Four Departments Speak (Webinar)

While the worldwide pandemic we have been experiencing since mid-March has put a stop to many activities, the Attorney Disciplinary Process has, of necessity, continued,…

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Drafting ADR Clauses: Exploring Creative Solutions To Dispute Resolution (Webinar)

Join inside and outside counsel, and a former Judge, now Neutral, in a discussion on the different ADR clauses included in commercial contracts. The panel…

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The Future of Jury Trials_675

The Future Of Jury Trials: How The Coronavirus Epidemic May Change Online And In-Person Trials And Jury Selection (Webinar)

The coronavirus epidemic is impacting all aspects of the court system. How do we safely resume jury trials? Are online jury trials a viable option?…

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Effective Engagement Letters, Retainer Agreements And Managing Client Payments: Turning Leads Into Clients (Webinar)

Leona Krasner, successful founder of a small firm, will address how to identify sources for leads, effective research to find promising leads, and the steps…

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