The Mission of the NYSBA Law Practice Management Committee is to investigate, evaluate, develop, and disseminate information, techniques and best practices designed to assist law firms, lawyers and legal staff in delivering more effective, efficient, competent, ethical and responsive services in furtherance of the needs of clients the public and the legal profession.


Law Practice Management Committee Co-Chairs:

Marian C. Rice, Esq.,

L’Abbate Balkan Colavita & Contini, LLP

1001 Franklin Ave, 3rd Fl, Suite 300, Garden City, NY 11530


Sarah E. Gold, Esq.,

The Gold Law Firm

1843 Central Avenue, #187, Albany, NY 12205


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For more information about the Committee on Law Practice Management or to get involved with the Committee’s initiatives, contact Katherine Suchocki, Director, Law Practice Management at 518-487-5590 or [email protected].

Upcoming Events


Have You Let Your Network Fall Into Disrepair? (Webinar)

In this webinar we will cover networking techniques that will be comfortable for both introverts and extroverts.

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Professional Group

Bridging The Gap - July 2020 (Webinar)

The Bridging the Gap continuing legal education program offers 16.0 total credits. Newly admitted attorneys can satisfy all of their annual MCLE requirements by attending…

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"Remote" Lawyering: Competence, Confidentiality, And Supervision Issues For Attorneys (Webinar)

This webinar will discuss such considerations, focusing on competence, confidentiality, and supervision issues for both in-house and outside counsel to consider while working remotely.

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Starting A Solo Practice From Scratch: Business, Legal And Ethical Issues (Webinar)

In this entertaining, fast-paced presentation, you will learn the fundamental business skills necessary to build a successful solo law practice anywhere in the United States,…

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New Technologies: How Attorneys & Their Clients Might Evaluate New Technologies To Decide Whether To Adopt (Webinar)

Among other topics, our speakers will touch on issues surrounding videoconferencing, social media, contact tracing, and ways to vet new technologies for use in practice.

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Do Your Clients Know You Care? (Webinar)

In this webinar we will discuss the strategies for connecting with clients.

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Beyond The Trash Bin: Proper Disposal Of Electronic Data (Webinar)

Our panelists will discuss what lawyers need to consider to protect themselves when maintaining but also disposing of client data that is stored electronically.

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Virtual Meeting Platforms: Discovery, Evidentiary, Privacy & Cybersecurity Issues (Webinar)

oin us for this program, when we will discuss the legal significance of the data created by virtual meeting platforms, what lawyers need to know…

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How To Create A Realistic And Effective Marketing Plan Despite COVID-19 (Webinar)

In this webinar we will discuss how to mix research and dreams with a dose of reality and come up with a “bespoke” marketing plan…

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Hitting the Next Legal Reserach Gear_Social_web_675X250

Hitting The Next Legal Research Gear: How Trellis Analytics Can Improve Your Litigation Strategy For New York State Court Litigation (Webinar)

Join us for an engaging Trellis Product Briefing Webinar on the most powerful state court legal research and analytics platform, now available for New York…

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Professional Group

Bridging The Gap - August 2020 (Webinar)

The Bridging the Gap continuing legal education program offers 16.0 total credits. Newly admitted attorneys can satisfy all of their annual MCLE requirements by attending…

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Risk Management for Lawyers_675

Risk Management For Lawyers (Webinar)

Designed for all practicing attorneys regardless of their level of expertise, this program will provide practical tips to help improve your practice and lessen the…

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Past Events Highlights


Recently Adopted Rules & Technology At The Appellate Division

Attend this free program and learn about the recently adopted rules and procedures relating to technology at the Appellate Division, Second Judicial Department as well…

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An Ethical Exploration Of The Three R's

Join us for an hour of ethics as we examine the legitimate, improper and gray areas that exist in the marketplace as well as how…

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Risk Management 2020 (Syracuse)

Designed for all practicing attorneys regardless of their level of expertise, this program will provide practical tips to help improve your practice and lessen the…

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Applying For Malpractice Insurance 2020

Learn about malpractice insurance considerations while gaining practical tips when applying for and purchasing the appropriate coverage.

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Completing Your Cyber Application 2020

Join industry experts and learn the ins and outs of completing your cyber application. Learn tips and tools to make it a fast and efficient…

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Risk Management 2020 (Buffalo)

Designed for all practicing attorneys regardless of their level of expertise, this program will provide practical tips to help improve your practice and lessen the…

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CoronavirusWhatABusinessShould DoToPrepare_web_675X250 (1)

Coronavirus - What Businesses Should Do To Prepare

In this one-hour webinar, panelists will discuss the key business operational risks as well as action steps firms should take to prepare for and minimize…

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How Attorneys And Judges Are Addressing New Tech - Part II

Our expert panel will examine highly automated, autonomous, and connected vehicle technologies, as well as biometric technologies, and some of the legal issues they have…

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Recognizing The Risks Of Facial Recognition

The panel will cover the debate around the use of facial recognition technology by law enforcement, landlords, in schools and other places, recent laws and…

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At The Intersection Of Highly Automated & Autonomous Vehicles

This program will examine potential bases for criminal liability associated with Level 3, 4 and 5 vehicles, including possible issues under the Fourth and Fifth…

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Discovery, Use, And Admissibility Of Black Box Data

The panel will discuss the issues raised by “black box” data and systems, including whether decisions in cases involving technology assisted review (TAR) and source…

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Employing AI: Explainable AI, Algorithmic Bias & The Workplace

The panel will analyze the recently enacted Illinois Artificial Intelligence Video Interview Act, what it means for employers, and whether we are likely to see…

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Professional Group

Bridging The Gap: March 2020 (Webinar)

The Bridging the Gap continuing legal education program offers 16.0 total credits. Newly admitted attorneys can satisfy all of their annual MCLE requirements by attending…

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A Pandemic Law Practice: Collaboration, Culture & Security (Webinar)

When preparing for COVID-19 and the potential evacuation of traditional office space, clearly the ability for lawyers and staff to access data is the first…

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The Stimulus Package Survival Guide: What Solos And Small Firms Should Know (Webinar)

This webinar is sold out. To register for the recorded program via our on-demand archive please click here and follow the instructions. In this one-hour…

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Professional Group

Bridging The Gap: April 2020 (Webinar)

The Bridging the Gap continuing legal education program offers 16.0 total credits. Newly admitted attorneys can satisfy all of their annual MCLE requirements by attending…

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Lawyer As Employer: Handling Coronavirus Issues In The Workplace (Webinar)

Remote work, quarantines, and essential employees – what lawyers need to know.

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Navigating Success In-House In Tumultuous Times (Webinar)

During this webinar, participants will discover the four challenging areas where in-house lawyers should focus.

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Mindfulness For Lawyers In A Time Of Stress (Webinar)

Learn how to use mindfulness to improve your immune system and calm your fears, while also maintaining social connections via electronics to prevent loneliness.

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The Lawyer As Employer: Diversity In The Law Firm Workplace

This program will discuss ways to think about diversity in your firm, the current state of the law in an everchanging legal landscape and practical…

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COVID-19: Legal Malpractice Perspectives On Small And Mid-Sized Law Firms (Webinar)

The COVID-19 crisis has changed the way law is practiced and small and mid-sized law firms need to prepare and transform in these uncertain times.

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Attorney Marketing: How To Grow During A Time Of Crisis (Webinar)

COVID-19 will disappear someday and life will return to a new normal. Instead of bouncing between panic and boredom, why not prepare for that new…

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10 Tips To Help Grow Your Practice (Webinar)

Learn strategic methods to treat your law office like a business.

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Starting A Solo Practice In New York 2020 (Webinar)

This program provides an overview of what it takes to own your own practice. From choosing a business entity to choosing office space and attracting…

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Operating Your Law Firm Securely From Home (Webinar)

his webinar will empower you and your staff to efficiently communicate remotely with clients and the courts.

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"I Am No Longer Covered" - Options Lawyers Need To Know When Either You Or Your Client Loses Group Healthcare Coverage (Webinar)

Join panelists in a discussion on what to consider for your clients, yourself and/or family members if healthcare coverage is lost due to changes in…

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Legal Project Management 2020

This program provides an overview of legal project management and techniques you can use. Panelists provide an overview of how firms can meet client demands…

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Bringing Employees Back To The Office: Key Steps And Preparations For Law Firms (Webinar)

Returning to normal operations will require a review of policies and procedures to bring employees back safely and comply with new legal requirements and guidance.

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The Ethics Of Contract Negotiation (Webinar)

This presentation focuses on a rarely discussed issue: ethical conduct while creating transactional documents.

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Smart Phone Success And Terrific Tablets For Lawyers (Webinar)

Smart Phone Success and Terrific Tablets: Getting More Productivity (and Fun!) from Your Smart Phone and Tablet Devices

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The NY Shield Act_675

The NY Shield Act: New Data Privacy Requirements For Both Clients And Lawyers (Webinar)

Join us for an hour of Professional Practice credit to discuss what New York businesses (including law firms) need to know to stay in compliance.

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Practice Perfect: Strategies For Growing Your Legal Practice (Webinar)

While legal firms can be as diverse as the lawyers who founded them, when it comes to size, location, specialty, and more, nearly all share…

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Reopening Your Law Office: Key Considerations For Small Firms (Webinar)

This program will outline key steps for law firms to take to foster a safe return to an office.

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The Ethics Of Freelance Legal Services: Hiring & Being Hired Including Contracts And Best Practices (Webinar)

This presentation explains the attributes of the freelance legal service engagement, from the perspective of both the hiring firm or attorney, as well as the…

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An Introduction to Blockchain_675

An Introduction To Blockchain: A Litmus Test For Lawyers (Webinar)

Is Blockchain the revolutionary technology that the hype suggests? Does blockchain technology have relevance to your practice and/or place within your organization?

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The New York SHIELD Act: What It Means For Your Law Firm (Webinar)

In March 2020, the New York SHIELD Act came into effect. This particular piece of legislation has significant ramifications for any law firm that operates…

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Technology And Equipment Cybersecurity Concerns: Before And During COVID-19

The panelists will discuss these issues along with concerns regarding “Bring Your Own Device” policies, protections of physical and cloud computing networks, and best practices…

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Legal Ethics In The Age Of COVID-19: What Lawyers Need To Know (Webinar)

During this webinar, panelists will provide guidelines to assist lawyers in complying with their ethical duties during this pandemic and beyond.

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Resilience Training: Performance & Interpersonal Management Skills For A Better Practice And A Better Life (Webinar)

We’ll identify and explain mental balance, emotional intelligence, the S.T.O.P. technique, time management and the difference between “urgent” and “important” tasks.

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ClioQuickStartSeries_StartUsingClioManageToday_Social_web_675X250 (002)

Clio Quick-Start Series (Webinar)

Join us for NYSBA Tech Tuesday's, featuring the CLIO Quick-Start Series, every Tuesday from 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m., starting April 21st.

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Attorneys Guide To Navigating The Pandemic - How To Survive And Thrive In The New Normal (Webinar)

It’s time to get back to business - and figure out how to do that in the new normal - all while preparing for the…

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Introduction To Legal Research On Fastcase (Webinar)

his class will focus on the extensive libraries available as an exclusive New York State Bar Association member benefit.

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Trust Me, I’m A Lawyer: Handling Trust Accounts, Fee Splitting & Freelancing (Webinar)

The presenter will cover the law of trust and IOLA accounts and also provide access to forms for freelancing and sharing fees, and best practices…

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Introduction To Boolean On Fastcase (Webinar)

This class will focus on the extensive libraries available as an exclusive New York State Bar Association member benefit. You will receive an in-depth guide…

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Successful Networking For Lawyers Who Hate Networking (Webinar)

This seminar will give you 3 steps that are so easy even the most introverted and reluctant attorney can immediately start building a powerful personal…

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Does Video Conferencing Work For You? (Webinar)

This webinar will show you how to make video meetings more positive and successful for you and your colleagues.

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Effective Engagement Letters, Retainer Agreements And Managing Client Payments: Turning Leads Into Clients (Webinar)

Leona Krasner, successful founder of a small firm, will address how to identify sources for leads, effective research to find promising leads, and the steps…

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