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Committee on Lawyers in Transition

Attorneys will find themselves in a period of transition at one or more points in their career, whether that period is due to their initial entry into the legal profession, their exiting the profession upon retirement, for brief or extended maternity, paternity or family leave, in order to pursue an alternative career opportunity or upon making a shift in the focus or path of their career. They face many challenges and uncertainties when returning to the workforce after an absence as well as while making a career move, change or transition. The Committee on Lawyers in Transition develops initiatives to help these attorneys identify and pursue possible and desired opportunities, to enable lawyers to remain connected to other lawyers and the profession before and during a career interruption while laying the groundwork for future re-entry and to arm them with the skills needed both during and following a transition.

The Committee on Lawyers in Transition establishes programs and resources geared toward providing career and job services, presenting networking and mentoring opportunities, helping to establish and foster partnership and collaboration among attorneys, fostering practical skills and offering needed training. The Committee also collaborates with other committees and the various sections of NYSBA to supplement and enhance the benefits, programs and services offered and to make NYSBA members aware of that which is available to them by virtue of their membership.

About the Committee on Lawyers in Transition

The Committee on Lawyers in Transition was initially formed to address the challenges faced by attorneys who have left the workplace temporarily, for brief or extended periods, on maternity or paternity leave, or because of family or other obligations, and then wish to return to the workforce after such absences. With the great number of lawyers finding themselves in “transition” not by choice as a result of the economic downturn, the committee’s began to also focus on attorneys who had been laid off. Additionally, with the number of attorneys approaching mandatory or voluntary retirement, the committee had been working to address the needs of such attorneys as well. The committee and its programs are also focusing on other types of transition, whether upon entry to, exit from, or those made during the course of an attorney’s career.

If you are currently unemployed, looking to make a career change, leave your current job, transition back to the workforce after time away from the profession or approaching retirement, the Committee on Lawyers in Transition is here to help

History of the Committee

In August 2006, NYSBA president, Mark H. Alcott appointed Lauren J. Wachtler, Esq. to chair a new committee to be called the Special Committee on Women Lawyers in Transition: Returning to the Workforce/Legal Profession. At the first meeting, the name of the committee was changed to the Special Committee on Lawyers in Transition. The committee’s mission was changed to include all transitioning attorneys.

At the November 2008 House of Delegates meeting, the Special Committee on Lawyers in Transition was made a Standing Committee of the New York State Bar Association.

Jessica Thaler, Esq. was appointed Committee Chair on June 1, 2011 and served as Chair of the Committee through June 2014.

Kim Wolf Price, Esq. was appointed Committee Chair on June 1, 2014 and served as Chair of the Committee through June 2017.

Erin K. Flynn, Esq. was appointed Committee Chair on June 1, 2017.

Online Community

Committee Roster

Ms. Earamichia Brown, Esq.

Executive Committee Liaison

Ms. Katherine Suchocki, Esq.

Nysba Staff Liaison


Ms. Erin Kathleen Flynn

Chair,Liaison From Young Lawyers Section

Mr. Michael Adges, Esq.

Mr. David P. Antonucci Sr., Esq.

Mr. Ronald C. Minkoff, Esq.

Ms. Neva Dayton Strom, Esq.

Ms. Diane C. Rosen

Mr. Christopher J. Runge

Ms. Emese Zsuzsanna Olah, Esq.

Mr. Pablo Silva Rodriguez, Esq.

Ms. Colleen M. Grady, Esq.

Jacob Evan Solomon, Esq.

Ms. Hangahee Kim, Esq.

Ms. Ruth A. Moore, Esq.

Mrs. Kathleen M. O'Keefe, Esq.

Mr. Thomas N. Steenburg, Esq.

Ms. Jill Burton Bramwell

Ms. Faye M. Polayes

Ms. M. Elizabeth Coreno, Esq.

Ms. Anjanette Dixon Pierre, Esq.

Mr. Gary R. Mund, Esq.

Mr. Peter Edward Ollen, Esq.

Ms. Kimberly Wolf Price

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