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2021 Tech Summit_675

2021 Tech Summit

Topics Include:Emerging Technology & TrendsSocial Media EthicsPrivacy and Data Security Issues in TelemedicineArtificial Intelligence in…


Superfund/Brownfield Update 2021: Federal And State Environmental Law And Policy

A very timely conference on the New York State Brownfield and Federal Superfund programs, featuring…

Emerging Trends_675

Emerging Trends In Intellectual Property: What IP Practitioners Need To Know About Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Just what are NFTs, and how are they changing traditional markets while continuing to innovate…


A Guardianship System In Need Of Reform: Britney Spears Is Not Alone

This program is two days only:Part 1 – Wednesday, December 8 | 9:00 a.m. -…

The Importance of State Courts_675

The Importance Of State Courts Protecting Civil Rights And Liberties

We will explore the legal basis and tradition of state court decisions throughout the nation…

The Withdrawal from Afghanistan_675

The Withdrawal From Afghanistan: The Junction Of The Military Mind And Military

A CLE program discussing the military decision-making process/military command structure, giving a basic overview of…

Strategies for the Trial of a Breath Test Case_675

Strategies For The Trial Of A Breath Test Case

Mr. Epstein is widely recognized as one of the foremost DWI attorneys in the country,…


Stolen Valor

Stolen valor is a term for individuals who lie about their military service whether one…


December 2021 Bridging The Gap

The New York State Bar Association is pleased to offer newly admitted attorneys a two-day…

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