The Committee on Technology and the Legal Profession will identify subjects concerning technology that will impact the delivery of legal services now and in the future and (a) make recommendations to other NYSBA entities and staff to provide CLE and other tools to assist NYSBA members in enhancing their practices, adapting to technological innovation, and achieving reasonable technological competence in all aspects of their practices, including (without limitation) e-discovery, artificial intelligence, data privacy and cybersecurity; (b) enhance protection of the public by developing and recommending needed regulations and best practices for legal technology companies and, where appropriate, by working collaboratively with legal technology companies and entrepreneurs who provide forms, referrals, artificial intelligence and other for-profit law-related services directly to legal consumers; and (c) evaluate and recommend ways to use new legal technologies to bridge the “justice gap” and provide better access to courts and legal services for those unable to afford lawyers.

Upcoming Events


New Technologies: How Attorneys & Their Clients Might Evaluate New Technologies To Decide Whether To Adopt (Webinar)

Among other topics, our speakers will touch on issues surrounding videoconferencing, social media, contact tracing, and ways to vet new technologies for use in practice.

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Legal Issues With Esports (Webinar)

This interactive (and entertaining) session will examine esports, including explaining the ins and outs of the ecosystem and the legal issues that now come with…

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Beyond The Trash Bin: Proper Disposal Of Electronic Data (Webinar)

Our panelists will discuss what lawyers need to consider to protect themselves when maintaining but also disposing of client data that is stored electronically.

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Virtual Meeting Platforms: Discovery, Evidentiary, Privacy & Cybersecurity Issues (Webinar)

oin us for this program, when we will discuss the legal significance of the data created by virtual meeting platforms, what lawyers need to know…

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Past Events Highlights


How Attorneys And Judges Are Addressing New Tech - Part II

Our expert panel will examine highly automated, autonomous, and connected vehicle technologies, as well as biometric technologies, and some of the legal issues they have…

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Recognizing The Risks Of Facial Recognition

The panel will cover the debate around the use of facial recognition technology by law enforcement, landlords, in schools and other places, recent laws and…

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At The Intersection Of Highly Automated & Autonomous Vehicles

This program will examine potential bases for criminal liability associated with Level 3, 4 and 5 vehicles, including possible issues under the Fourth and Fifth…

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Discovery, Use, And Admissibility Of Black Box Data

The panel will discuss the issues raised by “black box” data and systems, including whether decisions in cases involving technology assisted review (TAR) and source…

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Employing AI: Explainable AI, Algorithmic Bias & The Workplace

The panel will analyze the recently enacted Illinois Artificial Intelligence Video Interview Act, what it means for employers, and whether we are likely to see…

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Cybersecurity Key Takeaways Webinar Series

In light of the favorable response to the report NYSBA’s Technology and the Legal Profession Committee issued at the Cybersecurity Thought Leadership Conference, the Committee…

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Operating Your Law Firm Securely From Home (Webinar)

his webinar will empower you and your staff to efficiently communicate remotely with clients and the courts.

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Smart Phone Success And Terrific Tablets For Lawyers (Webinar)

Smart Phone Success and Terrific Tablets: Getting More Productivity (and Fun!) from Your Smart Phone and Tablet Devices

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An Introduction to Blockchain_675

An Introduction To Blockchain: A Litmus Test For Lawyers (Webinar)

Is Blockchain the revolutionary technology that the hype suggests? Does blockchain technology have relevance to your practice and/or place within your organization?

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Managing Cybersecurity Risks | with Mark…

EPISODE SUMMARY: Mark Berman, a partner at Ganfer Shore Leeds & Zauderer LLP, describes how an innocent-looking link can allow a virus to infect your…

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