The Creditors’ Rights and Bankruptcy Litigation Committee mission is to promote the development of law and practice in the areas of debtor/creditor rights litigation, bankruptcy, corporate restructuring, commercial insolvency, and financing by:

  • Providing a forum in which views on current issues and best practices may be exchanged;
  • Educating members on the role of litigation in bankruptcy courts, commercial insolvency issues, and loan workout processes and procedures generally;
  • Updating members on creditors’ rights litigation in state and federal courts;
  • Taking an active role in developing and proposing innovative state and federal legislation affecting creditors’ rights litigation and bankruptcy laws; and
  • Encouraging the training, development, and success of young lawyers interested in creditors’ rights and bankruptcy litigation.

We welcome participation by our members. You are encouraged to join our meetings, whether in person or by phone, and to suggest, participate in, and hopefully take on a leadership role in projects you think we should be undertaking. We would like to have as broad and diverse participation as possible from lawyers of all ages, experience levels and backgrounds from across the state.

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