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Crim Executive Committee

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Committee Roster

Hon. Mark R. Dwyer

Former Section Chair

Mr. Andrew Kossover, Esq.

Mr. Lawrence S. Goldman, Esq.

Chair, Ethics And Professional Responsibility

Mr. Roger Bennet Adler, Esq.

Former Section Chair

Mr. Paul J. Cambria Jr., Esq.

Former Section Chair

Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria LLP

Mr. Terrence M. Connors, Esq.

Former Section Chair

Ms. Susan B. Lindenauer, Esq.

Former Section Chair

Hon. Jonah Triebwasser

Alternate Delegate, House Of Delegates,Section Caucus Alternate Delegate

Mr. Robert G. Wells, Esq.

Fifth District

Ms. Barbara J. Strauss, Esq.

Ninth District

Mr. Timothy J. Koller, Esq.

Thirteenth District

Mr. Norman P. Effman, Esq.

Chair, Awards,Chair, Nominating,Co-Chair, Correctional System

Mr. Benjamin Ostrer


Mr. James P. Subjack, Esq.

Former Section Chair

Mr. Nicholas J. DeMartino, Esq.

Fifth District,Co-Chair, Continuing Legal Education

Hon. Cheryl E. Chambers

Co-Chair, Judiciary Committee

Mr. Jon P. Getz, Esq.

Seventh District

Mr. Marc Gann, Esq.

Tenth District

Ms. Clare J. Degnan, Esq.

Co-Chair, Town And Village Justice Court

Mr. Hillel Joseph Hoffman, Esq.

Chair, Legislation,Co-Chair, Bail Reform

Mr. Vincent E. Doyle III, Esq.

Former Section Chair

Mr. Joseph F. Wierschem, Esq.

Executive Director, Nys Office Of Indigent Legal Services

Mr. Christopher M. DiLorenzo, Esq.

Twelfth District

Mr. David Louis Cohen, Esq.

Vice-Chair,Chair, Sponsorship

Hon. Monica A. Drinane

Co-Chair, Juvenile And Family Justice

Mr. John Christopher Turi, Esq.

New York State Defenders Association

Mr. John S. Wallenstein

President, New York State Association Of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Mr. Tucker C. Stanclift, Esq.

Immediate Past Chair,Chair, Continuing Legal Education,Executive Committee Liaison

Ms. Sherry Levin Wallach, Esq.

Former Section Chair

Mrs. Susan C. Bryant, Esq.

Executive Director, New York State Defenders Association

Ms. Amy E. Jasiewicz

Nysba Staff Liaison

Ms. Katherine Suchocki, Esq.

Mailing Purposes Only


Mr. Michael S. Barone, Esq.

Third District

Mr. Jonathan David Cohn

Chair, Vehicle And Traffic Law

Ms. Leah Rene Nowotarski, Esq.

Secretary,Delegate, House Of Delegates,Co-Chair, Correctional System,Co-Chair, Town And Village Justice Court,Section Caucus Delegate

Mr. Alexander R. Klein, Esq.

Chair: Civil Forfeiture Committee

Mr. Nicholas A. Romano, Esq.

Eighth District

Mr. Scott W. Iseman, Esq.

Fourth District

O'Connell & Aronowitz PC

Mr. Mark Andrew Foti, Esq.

Seventh District

Mr. Anthony Beneduce Jr.

Co-Chair, Young Lawyers

Ms. Simone Smith

Cle Staff Liaison

Natasha Pooran

Chair, Membership

Andrea Luz Nieves

Co-Chair, Young Lawyers

Ms. Nishat Tabassum

Ms. Bridget G. Brennan, Esq.

Ms. Ingrid A. Effman, Esq.

Anderson, Moschetti & Taffany, PLLC

Mr. David M. Cohn

Mr. Andrew M. j. Bernstein, Esq.

Mr. Anthony J. Schepis, Esq.

Mr. Matthew W. Knecht, Esq.

Hon. Kathleen B. Hogan

Mr. Walter Patrick Jones

Mr. Daniel N. Arshack, Esq.

Mr. Seymour W. James Jr., Esq.

Legal Aid Society

Ms. Lisa Schreibersdorf, Esq.

Mr. Robert S. Dean, Esq.

Chair, Appellate Practice,Chair, Sex Offender Registration Act (Sora)

Mr. Harvey Fishbein, Esq.

Co-Chair, Defense

Ms. Jean T. Walsh, Esq.

Eleventh District,Chair, White Collar Crime,Former Section Chair

Mr. Jay Shapiro, Esq.

Chair, Publications,Co-Chair, Sealing Committee

Mr. Xavier Robert Donaldson

Chair, Discovery Reform,Co-Chair, Defense

Hon. Guy Hamilton Mitchell

First District

Hon. Barry Kamins

Co-Chair, Wrongful Convictions

Hon. Michael R. Sonberg

Co-Chair, Judiciary Committee

Mr. John M. Ryan, Esq.

Chair, Prosecution

Mr. Richard D. Collins, Esq.

Co-Chair, Sealing Committee

Ms. Catherine A. Christian, Esq.

Chair, Sentencing And Sentencing Alternatives

Mr. Kevin Thomas Kelly, Esq.

Delegate, House Of Delegates,Sixth District,Section Caucus Delegate

Mr. Robert J. Masters, Esq.


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