The Mission of the Committee on International Privacy Law is to provide a forum for international privacy law practitioners for the exchange of legal developments, knowledge and experience that will enable those lawyers to practice law more effectively in an ever-changing global environment.

The Committee on International Privacy Law is dedicated to achieving the goals of:

  1. Increased communication, education and sharing of knowledge and experience among privacy lawyers who engage in the practice of international privacy law;
  2. the facilitation of the exchange of information and ideas involving issues of international privacy law; and
  3. the creation and development of activities and continuing legal education opportunities that will enable international privacy lawyers to better represent their clients.

Mission-Related Activities

The Committee on International Privacy Law of the International Section:

  1. Holds events concerning international privacy law for members of the New York State Bar Association;
  2. conducts meetings of the Committee to provide programs and CLE for international privacy lawyers on subjects of international privacy law, including presentations by distinguished privacy professionals;
  3. fosters exchange of information, ideas and international privacy strategies among international privacy lawyers; and
  4. coordinates Committee activities with other groups that share a similar mission, such as the New York Privacy Officers’ Forum and the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

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