The mission of the International Distribution, Sales and Marketing Committee of the International Section is to share information concerning the varying laws around the world affecting the international distribution of goods and services and to recommend policy positions on the law of the State of New York and other jurisdictions affecting international distribution.

Goods and services can be distributed in a variety of ways, from direct distribution to the use of intermediaries such as commercial agents, independent distributors, franchisees, licensees and private label arrangements, among others. Different jurisdictions treat these methods very differently, from imposing restrictions on the ability to terminate, to varying treatment under antitrust and competition laws, to regulation of intellectual property licenses and controls over foreign ownership.

The Committee will seek to educate its members, members of the Section and of the Association, and the Bar generally, through CLE programs, articles and other means, with regard to the nature of these laws and legal developments in the field, and where appropriate, recommend positions on proposed legislation and similar matters.

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