Leona Beane is Chair of the Mediation Sub-Committee on Trusts, Estates, Guardianship and the Elderly. This Sub-Committee was formed last year. The Sub-Committee has meetings with attorneys specializing and interested in the practice of trusts, estates, wills, probate, Surrogate’s Court proceedings, contested guardianship proceedings, and disputes involving the elderly, with resolution on these disputes by use of Mediation techniques. It is acknowledged these types of disputes relate to interpersonal disputes which involve a great deal of emotions, that overcloud the disputes and the legal issues involved. We plan to schedule a CLE program each year on related topics and establish a library of writings in this area, along with providing demonstrations among its members utilizing mediation techniques to resolve these disputes.

The Sub-Committee encourages its members to engage in further efforts to promote Mediation in the Courts, even on temporary pilot project basis in the Surrogate’s Courts in the various counties, and also with Judges who hear contested Article 81 Guardianship matters. The members will collect copies of statutes from other states that include Mediation, and have these circulated to the group as model provisions. The Committee will be involved in training practitioners in the process and benefits of Mediation with disputes relating to Wills, Trusts, Estates, contested Guardianship matters, and contracts and disputes among the Elderly. The Sub-Committee will be co-sponsoring programs with other Bar Association Sections and Committees and other Bar groups.

Online Community

Committee Roster

Ms. Joy S. Rosenthal, Esq.

Rosenthal Law & Mediation

Mr. Michael Jonathan Greenberg

Moses & Singer LLP

Ms. Antonia J. Martinez, Esq.

Antonia J. Martinez, LLC

Ms. Leona Beane, Esq.

Mediator, Arbitrator, Trusts, Estates, Guardianship Attorney

Mr. Adam James Halper, Esq.

Law and ADR Office of Adam J. Halper, PLLC

Mr. Daniel F. Kolb, Esq.

Davis Polk & Wardwell

Ms. Loretta Miraglia, Esq.

Loretta Miraglia, Esq.

Ms. Alfreida B. Kenny, Esq.

The Law Office of Alfreida B. Kenny

Mr. Richard Weinberger, Esq.

Mr. Robert F. Baldwin Jr.

Baldwin, Sutphen & Frateschi, PLLC

Ms. Krista Gottlieb, Esq.

ADR Center & Law Office

Ms. Harriette M. Steinberg, Esq.

Harriette M. Steinberg, P.C.

Ms. Carla D. Glassman, Esq.

Glassman & Brown LLP

Mr. Alexander J. Zimmer

Alexander J, Zimmer, Attorney at Law

Mr. Robert D. Steele

Schwartz Sladkus Reich Greenberg Atlas LLP

Ms. Leslie J. Wilsher, Esq.

Wilsher Mediation

Ms. Maria Bryson Whealan, Esq.

Mr. Stephen J. Grable, Esq.

Hahn & Hessen LLP

Mr. Charles G. Berry, Esq.

Carter Ledyard & Milburn

Mr. Robert William Johnson III, Esq.

Martin, Shudt, Wallace, DiLorenzo, & Johnson

Ms. Susan Finita Rothwell, Esq.

Dunnington Bartholow & Miller LLP

Amir Khedmati

Mr. Nicolas Mabale Caraquel

Mr. Nelson Edward Timken, Esq.

Nelson Edward Timken, Esq.

Ms. Marcy Einhorn, Esq.


Ms. Maria V. Hanford, Esq.

Hanford Law Group

Ms. Sally M. Donahue, Esq.

Jaspan Schlesinger LLP

Barbara Howe

Ms. Alla Roytberg

The Lawfirm & Mediation Practice Of Alla Roytberg, PC

Mr. Michael P. Graff, Esq.

Graff Dispute Resolution

Mr. John Perry Adams, Esq.

Adams & Royer, Inc.

Ms. Cynthia L. Boyce, Esq.

Cynthia L. Boyce & Associates

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