This committee is open to all lawyers interested in international employment law (including those who represent labor and management, as well as academicians and neutrals). The committee’s mission is to provide a resource for education regarding, and development of, the laws relating to the employees of multinational enterprises, including: worker rights; employer rights and liabilities; employment issues arising in corporate mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and other corporate transactions; rights and liabilities of organized labor; treaty obligations and enforcement, and other legal issues regarding the regulation of the employment of workers by multinational enterprises.

In addition, the committee serves as a resource for labor and employment lawyers from countries throughout the world to meet colleagues and develop professional networks and resources.

The committee generally presents at least one cle program annually, at the Section’s seasonal meeting. Papers presented in the cle program are available to members of the Section and other participant’s at the seasonal meeting, and have been featured in the International Law Practicum and other publications.

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