The Estate Litigation Committee deals with a wide range of issues that have an impact on parties and counsel who litigate over estates and trusts, primarily in the Surrogate’s Court but also in the Supreme Court. With over 100 members, the Committee brings to bear a variety of perspectives from lawyers who often represent beneficiaries and fiduciaries, individuals and institutions, large matters and small. Our concerns range from procedural simplification and rationalization to substantive equity and consistency in the law as it may apply in different but comparable circumstances. We typically have up to half a dozen concurrent projects which yield proposed legislation, articles, CLE programs and reports on legislation proposed by others.

Section Committee Chairs

Co-Chair- David Bamdad- [email protected]

Co-Chair- Brian Corrigan- [email protected]

Vice-Chair- Ross Katz- [email protected]

Vice-Chair- Timothy Ferges- [email protected]

Vice-Chair- Irma Nimetz- [email protected]

Vice-Chair- Edward Baker- [email protected]

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