For the Financial and Quality of Life Planning Committee the emphasis is on Planning. We know that many of our Section members may be planning for Retirement. We also recognize that the definition of Retirement is rapidly changing and that many other members never plan to “retire” in the conventional sense. Whatever path we choose, as we age we all want to have a sense of financial security and a quality of life which is satisfying and fulfilling.

Our Committee addresses life and financial planning and quality of life issues, as well as next steps for attorneys and their clients as they prepare for life on the other side of 55. Our objective is to provide programs and information to assist in exploring:

  • Our professional options (including retirement, maintaining our practice, transitioning to another career or position and pro bono activities);
  • Our personal choices (including planning for and achieving the work/life/leisure balance we desire, and the challenges and joys of “full time” retirement); and
  • The insurance and financial planning vehicles which afford us the opportunity to enjoy the “retirement” years, however we choose to define them and whatever we opt to do.

We hope you will join us. We need your suggestions and help in planning programs and activities for the Committee and we look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at Section meetings.

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