The Foreign Lawyers Committee (FLC) exists to promote the interests of foreign attorneys, mainly based in New York, (including those with a degree also from an American law school and those admitted also to the New York Bar) in the field of private international law. To achieve its goal, FLC will provide different types of gatherings covering legal topics of interests for international lawyers and networking opportunities for such lawyers and law students. These networking opportunities will include larger gatherings (e.g., luncheon presentations, cocktail hours), smaller gatherings, and one-on-one meetings, as well as contact via email. The FLC networking opportunities are designed to provide a professional and welcoming environment for foreign lawyers of all levels and backgrounds, to meet and learn from each other as well as to exchange legal thoughts and engage in hearty discussions on subjects of interest to us. In addition, FLC will co-host substantive programs with other ILPS committees when called upon.

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