The Franchise Law Committee of the New York State Bar Association’s Business Law Section was formed to provide a forum for attorneys who actively practice franchise law and those who have an interest in franchise law. The Committee seeks to include among its members a cross section of attorneys comprising the franchise bar including both in house and outside counsel for franchisers and franchisees as well as legislators, judges, administrators and law students who have an interest in issues, cases and decisions regarding franchise matters, in legislation affecting franchising and in the enhancement of their knowledge with respect to the franchising field generally. It is a goal of the Committee to provide a resource to its members and others with respect to legal issues affecting the franchise field. The Committee also endeavors to enhance the general public’s awareness of the fact that there is a group of attorneys within the state who practice knowledgeably in the field of franchise law. Finally, the Committee aspires to engender an atmosphere of collegiality within which its members may become acquainted and exchange ideas and viewpoints relating to the franchise field.


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